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Race Car Driver Brooke Storer Shares What Drives Her On and Off the Track

Brooke Storer

At a young age, Brooke Storer knew what she wanted to do. Racing was a family tradition, and Brooke was ready to carry that torch.

“I started racing go karts at 7 years old. My dad, uncles and grandfather all raced so I wanted to carry on the tradition,” said Storer.

Photos property of Brooke Storer. All rights reserved.

In 2021, Caliber Car Wash partnered with Brooke to help support the Florida natives racing career. In turn, her support for Caliber has garnered far-reaching impacts as she takes the stage at racetracks across the southeast.

“Caliber Car Wash has been great to partner with, [at] every Caliber location the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. It’s the only car wash I trust to take my vehicles to,” said Brooke.

Brooke’s story is a unique one, and her success has captured the attention of thousands of fans, racers, and other sponsors. After starting racing at the age of seven, Brooke quickly became a well-recognized name in the racing world. At 12-years-old, she picked up six race victories in her first season. Just a few years later, at the young age of 14, Brooke became the youngest female to ever qualify and start a 100 lap Super Model Late Feature.

Brooke Storer
Photos property of Brooke Storer. All rights reserved.

Today, Brooke is a successful racer with multiple championships and feature wins to her name. She’s had the chance to travel across the country doing what she loves, and was even given the chance to join the 2019 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program. As a young racer, Brooke is proud of the wins she already has under her belt.

“I currently have 5 wheelman wins and every one of those is a big accomplishment with such a stacked field. I have over 150 feature wins,” said Storer.

And Brooke is not ready to stop. Just as our Caliber teams work day and night to make the best possible experience for our customers, Brooke spends her days training, working and always getting ready to win that next big race. As for what keeps her going, Brooke says it’s simple.

“My family, partners and fans are my biggest motivation. They give me the opportunity to do what I’ve loved since day one.”

Brooke has always kept her family close to her heart, and credits her dad as one of the major influences in her life. Even when she’s not working, you can find Brooke hanging out with her dad in the shop, working on her race car.

“He has stuck by my side through every step of my career. From karting, pro trucks, super late models, pro late models, late model stocks and late model sportsman cars,” said Brooke.

Brooke Storer
Photos property of Brooke Storer. All rights reserved.

It’s that support that Brooke says is so vital in the racing world. As a young woman in a typically male-dominated career, she says it’s all about who you surround yourself with. Brooke wants young women everywhere to know that anything is possible, and has some advice for those that are looking to get started in a racing career.

“Young women need to have a very strong support system around them every step of the way. As well as confidence. Confidence is key in this industry,” she says.

Like Brooke, Caliber Car Wash is also striving to break stereotypes with female leadership exceeding industry standards. Caliber has more than double the amount of female leaders than the industry average and we’re proud to support drivers that have similar values. Caliber’s commitment to diversity drives quality washes just as Brooke’s confidence shows on the racetrack.

Brooke’s talent and support system have continued to catapult her racing career leaps and bounds as she heads into her future. When she’s not on the track, you can find Brooke hanging out with her dog, Nikita. She also enjoys working with her partners and sponsors.

As a partner with Brooke, Caliber is proud to support her as she takes the next steps in her racing career. If you’re interested in learning more about Brooke Storer, you can check out her website, Facebook or Instagram. And stay tuned to both Brooke’s and Caliber’s social accounts for a variety of giveaways and free washes.