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Caliber Car Wash Launches “Triple C” Coating for Better Paint Protection and Shine

Industry-leading technology added at no additional cost to customers

Caliber Car Wash today announced the launch of its new product, Caliber Ceramic Coating (Triple C), a technology that extends a car’s paint job by making it more resistant to harmful elements.

Ceramic coating is a newer express car wash innovation that, on average, costs an additional $10-30 per wash due to its ability to fill microscopic holes in a vehicle’s paint job to create a protective clear coat layer. Caliber is proud to offer the upgrade at no additional cost to its top “Caliber” package.

“We’re excited to expand our product offering with the addition of Caliber Ceramic Coating,” said Caliber spokesperson Mac McCall who noted that the upgrade is especially meaningful for long-term car care. “When your car gets small scratches or gets stuck under a bird at an inopportune moment, your vehicle will have a new layer of protection before these contaminants have the opportunity to reach your paint. You’ll start to see a clear difference after just a few applications as your car will shine like it just left the dealer’s lot.”

Ceramic technology has recently received national attention for its use in phones and pans. By utilizing the non-metallic material, car washes are able to coat cars with small molecules that create tight covalent bonds forming a hydrophobic shield to make it resistant to natural elements like acid rain, UV rays and bird droppings. It does so by making contaminants bead up and slide off the vehicle’s slick coating.

Caliber’s three-step ceramic process begins at the front of the wash tunnel with a specialty cleaner to ensure no contaminants are sealed in during the wash and to flatten soap bubbles for a better clean and wax adhesion. Cars are then treated to underbody washes, triple foam and other cleaners before receiving step two, which includes a leveling agent to fill in any small paint imperfections. This is where the ceramic coating is applied for protection and extra shine. The last step of the Triple C process includes a drying agent to give the coating its hydrophobic properties, meaning that elements like water will more easily bead up and slip off the coating to help prevent damage.

“Caliber believes in giving customers their best vehicle shine,” McCall said. “That’s one reason why we continue to look at ways to improve our washes – and doing so at no additional cost whenever possible.”

Due to its additional protective attributes, Caliber Ceramic Coating will last longer than just using traditional waxes; however, motorists should still have coatings regularly applied to enhance shine and fill any holes that develop in the coating. That’s one reason why Caliber recommends Limitless wash plans that allow customers to maintain their coating all month long for one low price.

McCall also mentioned that, for a limited time, new customers can take $10 off their first month of Limitless Caliber washes in order to refresh their vehicle’s cleanliness and coating more regularly.

Vehicles at all of Caliber’s locations will have access to Triple C starting December 1, 2020. And, the first 200 new and existing Limitless members to try the new product the following weekend (December 5-6, 2020) will receive a specialty air freshener to celebrate the technology’s launch.