How to Wash a Car

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Nothing makes your car look better than a nice wash! Washing your car can be done for the appearance, but it is equally as important to keep your car washed and cleaned for optimal longevity.

According to experts, washing your car should be done every other week if it’s driven moderately and not exposed to the elements. Alternatively, if you drive often or your car is parked outside, you should consider washing your car weekly to prevent paint damage. To get the best shine and paint protection, Caliber offers numerous products that you can receive by visiting one of our washes. However, if you enjoy the therapeutic component of hand-washing your car, we have some tips!

Rinse your car thoroughly before beginning

To protect your paint, it is imperative to rinse the car thoroughly with clean water before applying cleaner. This will rinse away any loose debris.

Do not use household cleaners

Household cleaners, such as dishwasher soap or hand soap, can cause your paint to age early. It is better to use a product that is made for cars to ensure the protection of the wax that is already bonded to your paint.

Use a separate sponge for your tires and wheels

The tires and wheels are typically one of the dirtiest parts of a car. They may be coated with sand, brake dust, and other environmental debris that could cause scratches to your paint if the sponge isn’t replaced. The key is to use clean brushes and water so you’re washing away dirt, not adding to it.

Do not wash your car when the body is hot

The body of your car can become hot after being recently driven or from sitting in the sun for long periods of time. Heat speeds the drying of soap and water, making washing more difficult and increasing the chances that spots or deposits will form. Consider using a tunnel or shaded area while washing your car, like Caliber’s express tunnel.

Do not move the sponge in circles

If there is any loose debris on the sponge, washing your car in a circular motion can cause marks. Instead, move the sponge in a vertical or horizontal motion across the entire car.

Do not let your car air dry

Letting your car air dry can cause watermarks from the minerals in hard water. It is equally as important to use a microfiber towel instead of an abrasive towel or other material that can leave hairline scratches in the paint. At Caliber, we offer specialized towels and detailing air or compressed air to blow streaks off side mirrors and window without leaving towel marks.

For a quick, quality wash that will also save, on average 40 gallons per wash, visit one of our locations for a quick showroom shine every time! You’ll be in and out of our tunnel in around three minutes and have all the interior detailing tools you’ll need for that perfect clean.

For more information about our wash services, visit our website.