Searching For a Car Wash Near Me, Pt. II

Car Wash Tunnel

Looking for the car wash right for you? Check out our blog post describing different variations by clicking here. Once you have determined what type of car wash you prefer, you must now narrow down your car wash options and explore their amenities. From there, you will have found the perfect car wash near you!

Types of Amenities Car Washes May Offer:

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a chemical solution applied to the vehicle’s exterior. This coating blends in with the paint on your car and provides a barrier between your vehicle and the environmental pollutants you may encounter. The main idea is to prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on the paint job and ruining the clear coat.

Rain Guard

Rain guard helps to repel water and other particulates from your vehicle while at the same time increasing visibility. Excessive rain or snow will decrease the effective time of the application.

As a general rule, when applied at a car wash, rain guard may be effective for up to two weeks before you start to see less “beading” on the windshield and body. Repeated applications during this time will enhance and extend the effectiveness.

Detailing Freebies

Some car washes may offer free vacuums, while others can provide additional tools and supplies such as air fresheners, multi-purpose cleaners, tire air, detailing air, or even cleaning wipes!

Tire Shine

Tire shine is a chemical formula intended to restore tire rubber. It’s applied to vehicle tires after being washed to remove dirt and grime, which delivers a deep, rich, and high gloss or dark appearance to the tire.

Bug Prep

Bug prep is a liquid that focuses the application of bug removal solution to the front bumper and grille, front windshield, and mirrors of the vehicle.

Once you have determined which car wash near you has the most of these amenities, be sure to stop in and try them out. Your car is waiting to have back that showroom shine!

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