Searching For a Car Wash Near Me

Car Wash Tunnel

Car washes are becoming more readily available and technologically advanced year after year. Because of this, we are here to give you a run-down of some things to consider when looking for a car wash nearby. First, you must determine what type of car wash you are searching for.

Types of Car Washes That Are Likely Nearby:

Automated soft-touch washes

Soft-touch car washes feature soft closed-foam and felt cloths that gently apply friction to remove contaminants from the surface of your car. These soft-touch washes are sometimes called “brush-less” washes to differentiate them from the old technology and are quick, quality options. Also known as express washes, you’ll likely find free vacuums with each express wash, and in some cases (like Caliber) tons of other detailing freebies. To find a soft touch wash near you, click here or here.

Automated touchless washes

A touchless wash is an automated car wash without spinning brushes or cloth strips. It just sprays water at increased pressure and applies powerful detergent. To find an automated touchless wash near you, click here.


Self-service car washes are the typical DIY wash where motorists can choose how detailed they want to go when cleaning their vehicle. Self-service car washes usually offer a variety of chemicals, brushes, and vacuums purchased by the minute. To find a self-service wash near you, click here.

Manual/Hand Wash

If you’re willing to spend the time, this option allows you to wash at home (you’ll use on average over 120 gallons of additional water compared to automatic washes). Washing a vehicle yourself will also allow you to wax and polish your vehicle, helping to remove any extra debris and give your car a brand-new-looking finish. No need to search for locations, because your home is your location.

If you’re looking to save time and money, check out all of Caliber’s wash options and features.