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The Lovebugs Are Coming!

It’s lovebug season once again- and you know what that means.

Twice a year, these small flies swarm the southeast’s humid climate and bring with them a bug-coated mess of a car. Not only do lovebugs leave behind a nasty film, but they can also be harmful to your vehicle’s overall health. We have everything you need to know about lovebug season and how to make it through with your car in pristine condition.

What are lovebugs?

If you’re wondering what lovebugs actually are, their name says it all. Lovebugs are small black flies that are usually paired with a mate. According to the University of Florida, they swarm about twice a year: once in spring and once in the fall, with peak lovebug season hitting in May and September. You probably notice them most when you are outside in the heat or see them build up on the outside of your vehicle.

Why are lovebugs a hazard?

Lovebug season is a big deal for several reasons. Although they don’t bite or sting, lovebugs can seriously decrease your visibility while driving. These bugs are known to swarm near roadsides, which can leave you with a bug-coated windshield or exterior. This becomes dangerous when the buildup is so thick, your vision is impaired, and you can’t see the road.

Pesky lovebugs can also cause damage to the paint of your car. It’s critical to wash them off as soon as possible. Leaving them on for hours out in the sun can cause a reaction between the outside heat and their body chemistry. The reaction causes their remnants to become acidic, which can corrode the finish on your vehicle. The best practice is to wash them off within a few days. The longer they stay on, the harder they are to wash off.

In extreme cases, lovebug residue can get so bad that it damages your car’s engine. If their remains aren’t washed off completely, it can cause buildup in your car’s grill, blocking airflow and causing it to overheat. It’s essential to take precautions during lovebug season so you don’t find yourself having to fork over hundreds for car repair.

How do I wash off lovebugs?

Don’t worry- Caliber Car Wash has you covered! It can seem like a headache, but we’re here to help make the experience quick and easy. First, most of our locations offer bug pre-soak stations for your convenience. These stations will be in an easily accessible area located right before you head into the tunnel. Although our tunnel should remove most bugs and grime, the bug prep stations can help the deeper, built-up grime to wash away. These stations contain soap, clean water, and gentle brushes that will not scratch your exterior. Just a few scrubs before you head in, and you’re good to go!

Why go Limitless?

When it comes to lovebug season, it can seem like it never ends! Experts recommend washing lovebugs off after at least a few days- and that can become frequent. Especially if you live in the southeast, we recommend getting a Limitless membership. You can use it at any location and go as many times as you need in a month. Not only will you save money, you’ll save time and most importantly safeguard your vehicle from further damage.

While we can’t get rid of lovebugs completely, we can make sure they stay off your car. If you have any questions about our bug prep station locations or how to use them, feel free to stop by your local Caliber, and our employees are always happy to help.