FAQ – Caliber Car Wash


Want to find out more about Caliber Car Wash? Please feel free to contact us or search the frequently asked questions below.

Is Caliber open during Stay at Home orders?

We specialize in clean and express car washes like ours are considered essential businesses by the government. Our hands-free tunnels are currently open. We continue to follow official, local, and Centers for Disease (CDC) guidance, including regularly sanitizing the property. Your health is our top priority, and because of this, our free detailing tools and other high-touch areas may be temporarily unavailable.

What is Caliber doing to maintain customer and employee safety during COVID-19?

Our community’s health is our top priority. We regularly wipe down equipment and have taken extra measures to increase sanitation of high-touch areas, including door handles and detailing equipment. We are also asking employees to wash their hands more often throughout the day and they continue to wear gloves. As an express car wash, our employees never touch your car, and these additional measures and others will be taken to protect both our staff and you, our customers. We continue to follow this issue carefully and follow guidelines laid out by local governments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

How do I contact Caliber Car Wash?

You can use the contact page on this website or call your local Caliber Car Wash directly. Please note that it may take up to one business day to receive a response.

Are car washes environmentally friendly?

Being Eco-Friendly and having zero impact on the environment is a top priority at Caliber Car Wash. All water at all locations is filtered, cleaned, and reused. Using a water reclamation system, we are able to only use 30 gallons of water per car wash. The average water used when washing a car at home or in a self-service car wash is over 140 gallons. Furthermore, 100% of all of our cleaning chemicals are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

For more information, visit https://calibercarwash.com/environment/

How do I sign up for a Limitless Membership?

We’re excited you’re joining the Caliber Clean family! You can sign up online at https://calibercarwash.mywashaccount.com/ or visit your local Caliber Car Wash.

When visiting the car wash, choose the Limitless membership plan from the payment screen. It will then guide you through the quick membership set-up process.

How do I cancel my Limitless Membership?

We’re sorry to see you go! Please visit your local Caliber Car Wash to cancel your membership. Once there, the manager will confirm your license plate number to make sure you’re removed from your membership plan.

Does Caliber Car Wash offer interior detailing or other additional services?

Our car washes use state-of-the-art technology to make interior cleaning quick and easy. Whether it is our 30-second mat cleaner or tapered vacuums that reach into small cracks and crevices, we pride ourselves on providing you with the tools you need to clean your interior.

At this time, we do not provide detailing or additional cleaning services.

What if I have racks or other vehicle add-ons?

Bug shields, bike racks, and ski racks are the responsibility of the customer. We recommend taking off removable racks as you pull through the tunnel to ensure our brushes clean your vehicle.

Open truck beds should also be cleared of all debris prior to washing. Hitch assemblies and ball must be removed for a proper wash. Also, duallys are not able to be accommodated at this time.

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