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Car Tips: Avoid Leaving These Items In Your Car This Summer

Caliber Car Wash Palatka

During the summer season, leaving certain items in your car can be risky and dangerous not only to you but to your car as well. With summer in full swing, here are items you should avoid storing in your car during the hottest season of the year:

Plastic Bottles 

Water bottles, baby bottles, and other plastic containers should not sit in a hot car for too long. Plastics that have been sitting in extreme temperatures could potentially release dangerous substances such as Bisphenol A (BPA) —a common chemical found in plastic— into your liquid. It’s best to avoid consuming anything in plastic that has been sitting in your vehicle for a while.


Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices are not produced to deal with severe temperatures. All electronics have operating temperature ranges that are designed for safe usage. When electronics are left in hot vehicles for hours at a time, they are likely to become heat damaged where batteries can overheat, expand, or burst. Plastic components of electronic devices could melt and create a huge mess to clean up. 


Many medications are meant to be stored in non-extreme temperatures. You shouldn’t keep medicines in your car, whether it’s hot or cold, as either condition can affect the drug. If medicines are left outside of the temperature instructed, the medication can be altered and compromised.


Lighters are made of flammable material that will expand and possibly burst, creating a fire hazard if left in intense heat. Although temperatures would have to be extreme for a lighter to burst, it is best to remove this item as it is possible to happen during the summer.


Whether it’s perishable food, pet food, or canned food, food items should not be consumed if left in a vehicle for 1-2 hours, depending on the temperature of your car. Not only can food items damage your interior, but it is risky to consume as bacteria can form and cause illness. 

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol cans such as hairspray, deodorant, and spray paint have warning labels alerting purchasers to avoid placing cans in temperatures above 120 degrees. When aerosol cans are stored in conditions above 120 degrees, pressure will increase, which could cause the can to burst, damage your car, harm what’s near, and even release chemicals into the air.

Whether you park indoors or outside, play it safe by keeping these items out of your car. And, for all those fast food wrappers and Cheerios under seats, stop by Caliber. We have plenty of trash cans and vacuums to prevent food aromas from heating up and scenting your vehicle. And, of course, don’t forget all those free air fresheners too!

We hope to see you soon!