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How Do I Detail My Car?

We want you to leave with your best clean through our Limitless wash plans and complimentary detailing tools. Caliber provides everything you need to keep your car spotless including detailing air, vacuums, air fresheners, multi-purpose cleaner, and more! See below on how to use our free detailing station!

Detailing Air

Located at each boom station, you’ll find our detailing air. Our detailing air is compressed air that blows away debris from cracks and crevices such as consoles, cupholders, and air vents. To use the detailing air, point the tip or the gun toward the area that needs to be dried/blown and squeeze the trigger to release pressured air. This tool is not only utilized for interior, but exterior as well. This great device can eliminate excess water that gets stuck on side mirrors, rubber panels, hood vents, and engines.


Having a tough time with hard-to-reach areas? Caliber has you covered! Our vacuums are designed to give you maximum suction to clean between your seats and crevice-like surfaces in your vehicle. To get your car as clean as possible, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove any large pieces of trash from your car
  2. Remove all mats and clear off debris with detailing air
  3. Use our vacuum to clean tight spaces such as seat crannies, consoles, and cargo areas.


The towels you use to clean your car matter! Caliber provides quality microfiber towels that will not scratch your paint while wiping down your vehicle. At each boom station, you’ll find a basket of fresh, clean and folded microfiber towels. There is also a basket for tossing used towels after you’ve completed your wipe-down.

Air Fresheners

Finish off your clean with Caliber’s complimentary air fresheners. Our air fresheners are specifically designed to fit under seats and vents to give you freshening options. To make your air freshener last longer, simply fold it in half and place it under your seat or in console for that clean smell.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Paired with our quality microfiber towels is our multi-purpose cleaner. With our multi-purpose cleaner, you’ll be able to conveniently wipe away any spills, build-up, and dirt. You can use this cleaner to safely clean many items in your interior such as door handles, dashboards, steering wheel, and more. No need to bring any cleaning supplies from home, Caliber has you covered!

Glass Cleaner

Make those streaks go away with our specially formulated glass cleaner for that perfect shine. Our glass cleaner is designed to lift away dirt and grime while providing surfaces with extra sparkle and glow. Located next to the multi-purpose cleaner, are fresh towels to use to help get rid of unwanted streaks, dirt, and prints.

Mat Cleaner

Clean your carpeted mats in a matter of seconds with Caliber’s state of the art mat cleaner. To clean your mats simply push ‘Start’ to turn on machine then insert your mat facing down. Once your mat is clean, it will exit below and drop into a basket. When you’re finished inserting mats, the machine will automatically turn off or you can turn it off via the ‘Off’ button.

Bug Prep Station

Wondering how to get rid of those pesky bug splats? Stop by Caliber’s prep station where you’ll find prep solution and brushes (available at most Caliber sites). Gently scrub any bug splats to avoid acid damage to your cars paint and front-end. Once you’re finished at the prep station, pull-up to our pay station to enter our tunnel for more shine!

Have other tips for how to use or detailing freebies? We’d love to hear them. Feel free to tag us at #CaliberClean on social media to share.