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This Army Veteran and Caliber Customer Has a Passion for Cars


At six years old, Antoine Patterson received his first hot wheels. Antoine says it was that small gesture as a young boy that ignited a life-long passion for cars. Since that day, his passion has only grown. Today, not only is Antoine a car enthusiast – he’s also a veteran and important part of our Caliber community.

For more than 20 years, Antoine served his country as an Army flight medic, a position that requires incredible strength, skill, and determination. Every year, when Independence Day rolls around, he thinks back on the time he spent serving his country. As a veteran, there are a few moments in his life he’s most proud of.

“I am a retired Army flight medic after 20 years, two weeks, and two days, but who’s counting? One thing I am most proud of that I rarely talk about is when I received the Army Combat Medic Badge for treating casualties under fire in a combat environment. The award has been around since the Vietnam War but was never awarded to flight medics,” he said.

As an army veteran born to a military family, he followed his father’s lead. Antoine’s father spent also spent over 20 years serving his country but in the Air Force. Growing up, Antoine traveled the world with his family, living in many new cities and military bases. When his time serving was finished, he finally decided to retire to Phenix City- where he is a man of many talents and hobbies.

Throughout his years serving his country, Antoine never forgot about his passion for cars. But in the early ‘90s, he developed a new passion – videography and photography – and decided to combine them. Those two talents led to the creation of Eye Candy Visual Arts- where Antoine creates and edits all of his own video and photo content and is a published photographer. Much of his content focuses on cars, where he tells stories through his own lens of creative automobile shots, music, and much more.

And of course, Antoine tells us Caliber is part of his daily routine, as he takes pride in keeping his Charger spotless at all times.

“I was excited when Caliber Car Wash came to town since the other washes in the area prompted me to buy a pressure washer to keep my Charger clean at home. It has been over a year, and I have since got my other two vehicles on the Limitless wash plan. The ceramic coating is a giant plus to why I keep me and my family coming back daily,” said he said.

As a dedicated Caliber community member and army veteran, we want to thank Antoine for his service on this Independence Day. To say thank you year-round, we offer a special military discount for all retired and active-duty military at Caliber Car Wash. If you are interested in more of Antoine’s content, you can check out his Instagram or YouTube page.