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Will Your Car Fit In Car Wash Tunnels?


Car wash tunnels come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few tips to keep in mind before you enter an express wash.

Before deciding on which wash is right for your vehicle, be sure to check out whether or not it will fit in the tunnel.

While each car wash has its own dimensions, many tunnels have similar dimensions. For example, Caliber Car Wash tunnels have a 7’2” clearance and will fit most standard-sized vehicles and tires.

Most washes are able to cater to factory-standard vehicles, however, add-ons or after-market features may prevent your vehicle from entering tunnels as they are more likely to widen vehicles or create surfaces that can get tangled in the wash.

If you’re able to enter a wash with these after-market add-ons, please note that washes may have to retract brushes to prevent damage to your add-ons. Your vehicle will still get all that great shine, but you may notice spots around your add-on aren’t wiped down as much.

This principle also applies to truck hitches. No car wash wants your car to get stuck in brushes. It can cause damage to your vehicle or the vehicle behind you. That’s why car washes will retract brushes if you have a hitch.

If your truck, jeep, or other vehicle has bike racks or wheelchair racks, please consider removing them before entering an express tunnel wash. These are at risk of damaging equipment, cars, and your racks.

And for all you truck lovers, make sure anything in your truck bed is permanently attached before entering any car wash. Items that aren’t firmly attached may fly out causing damage to your truck or another vehicle in the tunnel.  Common items that are known to fly out are tools, brooms, hay bails, hooked straps, and other items left in the back of trucks. These items will make it through the wash, but face their biggest challenge at the blowers where any remaining water and truck bed items are known to blow away.

Will My Tire Fit In Car Wash Tunnels?

All stock vehicle tires will fit in car wash tunnels, including 35s. Caliber’s tunnels can also fit most 37s if there are no spacers on the vehicle. Please note that if you have spacers, your vehicle will not fit in standard car washes.

How Can I Check If My Vehicle Will Fit In Car Wash Tunnels?

If you are still not sure if your vehicle will fit, we encourage you to stop by your nearest Caliber Car Wash to have our team take a look. We also recommend checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual for any other specifications.