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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Car Wash

It’s wash day, and you decide to search for the nearest car wash, hoping to find one best suited for your vehicle and you. When you arrive at the nearest car wash, it’s not what you expected because you forgot to consider some essential things. Below, we’ll explain what you should consider before choosing a car wash.

What Services Are Offered?

Before visiting a car wash, we recommend searching their website for listed services and wash plans that fit your auto needs. There are several types of car wash services to choose from such as automatic, self-serve, and full-service. Cars undergo many challenges on the road and need attention to all parts, even the underbody. We suggest choosing a car wash that offers multiple services such as ceramic coating, underbody wash, rain guard, and other add-ons that fit your vehicle’s needs.

How Much Does It Cost? 

When seeking a car wash, be sure to choose one suitable for your car and your pockets. Many car washes offer basic cleans for a reasonable price, but beware anything too cheap as it suggests you aren’t getting quality products and cleaners. The primary treatment usually involves a simple clean, dry, and wheel clean. If your vehicle needs extra love, of course, the price will increase. We recommend looking into monthly wash plans to save money and time.

Do They Offer Interior Detailing?

Depending on the type of car wash service, some are likely to offer interior detailing for an additional charge, some may not offer it at all, or if they’re like Caliber, they offer free detailing tools. Typically, automatic, and self-serve car washes will provide customers with free vacuums and towels to use, while full-service or mobile washes will have their employee’s detail for you.

We understand you’re seeking a car wash with quality, efficiency, and excellent service. If you’re looking for a high-quality wash at an affordable price, stop by Caliber on your next wash day!