Caliber Ceramic Coating

Better Paint Protection At No Additional Cost

Caliber Car Wash announced the launch of its new product “Caliber Ceramic Coating” or “Triple C” on December 1, 2020. Customers can now enjoy longer-lasting shine and protection at all Caliber locations for no additional cost on the Caliber single wash and Limitless plan.

Ceramic coating is a non-metallic, liquid material used to coat cars with small molecules that create tight covalent bonds forming a hydrophobic shield to make it resistant to natural elements like acid rain, UV rays and bird droppings.

Because ceramic coating creates a protective layer on top of a car’s paint, it can help prevent some scratches and repel mud, bird droppings, rain, ice, UV rays, and other harmful elements that may leave streaks or spots.

Caliber’s three-step process begins at the front of the wash tunnel with a specialty cleaner to ensure no contaminants are sealed in during the wash process and to flatten soap bubbles for a better clean and wax adhesion. Cars are then treated to underbody washes, triple foam and other cleaners before receiving step two, which includes a leveling agent to fill in any small paint imperfections and to increase shine. This is where the coating is technically applied. The last step of the Triple C process includes a drying agent to increase hydrophobic properties so water and liquid bead up while you’re driving your vehicle. This prevents contaminants from sitting on your paint job/the coating. After all, the longer liquids like bird droppings sit on a car, the longer they have to eat away at your paint job or coating layer.

The first step is at the beginning of the tunnel. You’ll know it when you see those blue lights! The second step comes after your initial rinse. You’ll then pass through the third step where you receive a drying agent to promote water beading. You’ll know you finished the process when you hit the spot free rinse!

Ceramic coating offers longer-lasting protection to a vehicle’s surface because it creates a microscopic shield to protect cars from some scratching, dirt, and chemical contaminants. Ceramic coating also doesn’t harm the vehicle’s original paint job as it fills in crevices and sits on top of the paint.

Because of this, a vehicle’s paint job can be extended when using ceramic coating. Motorists will also enjoy a new level of shine!

Wax continues to protect cars around the world. Unlike wax, ceramic coatings provide a higher durability due to its molecular makeup.

Pull out that science cap because it’s time to talk molecules. Wax is made up of larger molecules that sit on top of a vehicle’s paint and surface. Because of this, it provides protection for most divots and crevices found in your paint job.

Ceramic coating differs because it is made up of smaller molecules that fit into paint job blemishes at a microscopic level. This helps protect problem areas before they are big enough to be noticed by the human eye. The coating is also stronger because the molecules are connected with a covalent bond, which is one of the strongest bonds. Because of this, ceramic coating takes protection one step further. It has small, tighter molecules to create a strong, clear coat protectant.

With proper care and maintenance, a layer of custom-applied ceramic coating can keep your car looking new for one to five years.

Express car washes recently introduced the technology as a more affordable and convenient option for motorists. Like more expensive custom ceramic jobs, customers should plan on regular re-application to ensure the coating stays strong and to prolong shine. For the strongest, most effective coating, motorists should plan on washing their vehicle twice a month.

Caliber Car Wash offers Limitless memberships that allow customers to wash their cars all month long for one low price. Use of one’s Limitless membership will ensure a strong coat and lasting shine – and save you $10 or more every month.

When washing your vehicle, many people finish the process with a quality wax, but adding a coating can extend your vehicle’s shine and provide extra paint protection.

Coatings come in many forms, with Teflon and ceramic being two popular options.

Teflon, also known as a poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE), is a synthetic fluoropolymer used in household products like nonstick cookware and pans. This technology can also be applied to vehicles to prevent harmful elements from dulling paint jobs. It typically stays on surfaces for up to six months and should not be used with hard soap or PH heavy detergent as they will make the coating wear off quicker.

Ceramic coating, on the other hand, is a liquid polymer clear coat that is applied over a vehicle’s paint job. Because it creates bonds at the molecular level, it adds a hydrophobic layer that acts as a hardened barrier to repel dirt, UV rays, dust, grime and more. It is also longer-lasting than Teflon and holds longer. That’s one reason why express car washes have turned to ceramic technology as it creates a stronger, longer-lasting coat that can be applied in liquid form.

For the strongest coating, it is recommended that you wash your car every two weeks to avoid excessive build0ip of harmful contaminants. This is also recommended for vehicles parked in a garage or that uses car covers as vehicles can still collect dust.

Caliber Car Wash makes your job a little easier. We’ve created the perfect cleaning conditions in our tunnel to provide you with a quality application, meaning that you can maintain your coating twice a month in a matter of minutes. For additional savings, we recommend becoming a Limitless member as you’ll automatically save $10 a month on washes if you visit the needed two times to maintain your ceramic coating.

Caliber is committed to offering our customers the best products at an affordable price. That’s one reason why ceramic won’t cost you anything extra!

Other washes typically charge an additional $10-$30 for ceramic coating; however, instead of up charging, we added it for free to our top wash because your vehicle deserves it!

Caliber Ceramic Coating

Go Limitless to Maintain That New Ceramic Coat

Caliber Ceramic Coating
Caliber Ceramic Coating