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Three Ways to Make Your Car Shine

Maintaining a shiny car doesn’t have to involve a ton of work. From ceramic coatings to tire shine, here are three ways to make your car shine while protecting your auto investment!

Ceramic Coating
Protect your paint and shine with ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a non-metallic, transparent liquid material that bonds to your car’s clear coat to offer more preservation and protection. The ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from natural components such as acid rain, UV rays, and other environmental elements. This coating also helps to prevent scratches and repel against mud, ice, and road salts.

“Ceramics” can be applied by hand, which will last longer but cost hundreds of dollars more. Another option is to visit express car washes where you can add ceramic coating protection from $5-30 more. Caliber Car Wash customers receive it for free on the top wash.

Dry Entirely
After a car wash, it’s essential to dry your vehicle entirely. Although it seems more convenient to allow your car to air dry, you won’t achieve as much shine as desired. Not only will your vehicle not reach its full shine, but the excess water will create residue leaving behind spots, streaks, and deposits while degrading your paint over time.

To dry your vehicle, be sure you choose a soft micro-fiber towel to prevent small paint scratches. Also, consider using detailing air or air compression guns to dry side mirrors and prevent streaking.

Tire Shine
Go the extra mile to make your tires shine! We recommend washing your tires frequently as tires hold grit, grime, and dust in which you wouldn’t want to risk transfer to your vehicle’s paint. Once your tires are clean and dry, apply tire shine to give your car an overall luxurious look and feel. Tire shine wax is included in every Caliber Wash or can be found in many express wash tunnels.