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Meet the Team: Justin

One of Caliber’s first employees and managers, Justin, recently moved from Ocala to manage our new Fort Walton Beach wash.

This Altha, Florida native, is excited to return to the panhandle as he’ll be closer to family and wanted to provide his son Bass a chance to grow up near the beach. He and his wife also look forward to having their son experience the Gulf Breeze Zoo and the Gularium.

“I am happy to be a part of this new community and to be surrounded by all the amazing men and women of the armed forces that call this area home right now,” Justin said. “I grew up going to air shows at Tyndall, and can’t wait to take my son to his first air show locally!”

Justin thrives on customer service and clean cars. Known for going the extra mile, Justin also loves to share tips on how to get that clean car feel. One of his favorites is to grab a free air freshener (located at each vacuum stall) and fold it in half, so it sits in the middle of the air vent. That way, you’ll get a “constant breeze of that new car smell!”

When he’s not working at the wash, Justin also likes to play golf a couple of times a month when possible. Classifying himself as “not good or terrible,” Justin loves golf because it is his “fortress of solitude” to clear his head.

Golf time may be put on hold for a bit though, because Caliber is open rain and shine, and Justin is doing all he can to welcome new customers.

Justin and the rest of the new Fort Walton Beach team looks forward to offering $10 off your first month of Limitless washes and providing military discounts to local service members.