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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Car Wash

It’s wash day, and you decide to search for the nearest car wash, hoping to find one best suited for your vehicle and you. When you arrive at the nearest car wash, it’s not what you expected because you forgot to consider some essential things. Below, we’ll explain what you should consider before choosing a car wash.

What Services Are Offered?

Before visiting a car wash, we recommend searching their website for listed services and wash plans that fit your auto needs. There are several types of car wash services to choose from such as automatic, self-serve, and full-service. Cars undergo many challenges on the road and need attention to all parts, even the underbody. We suggest choosing a car wash that offers multiple services such as ceramic coating, underbody wash, rain guard, and other add-ons that fit your vehicle’s needs.

How Much Does It Cost? 

When seeking a car wash, be sure to choose one suitable for your car and your pockets. Many car washes offer basic cleans for a reasonable price, but beware anything too cheap as it suggests you aren’t getting quality products and cleaners. The primary treatment usually involves a simple clean, dry, and wheel clean. If your vehicle needs extra love, of course, the price will increase. We recommend looking into monthly wash plans to save money and time.

Do They Offer Interior Detailing?

Depending on the type of car wash service, some are likely to offer interior detailing for an additional charge, some may not offer it at all, or if they’re like Caliber, they offer free detailing tools. Typically, automatic, and self-serve car washes will provide customers with free vacuums and towels to use, while full-service or mobile washes will have their employee’s detail for you.

We understand you’re seeking a car wash with quality, efficiency, and excellent service. If you’re looking for a high-quality wash at an affordable price, stop by Caliber on your next wash day!


Car Tips: Avoid Leaving These Items In Your Car This Summer

During the summer season, leaving certain items in your car can be risky and dangerous not only to you but to your car as well. With summer in full swing, here are items you should avoid storing in your car during the hottest season of the year:

Plastic Bottles 

Water bottles, baby bottles, and other plastic containers should not sit in a hot car for too long. Plastics that have been sitting in extreme temperatures could potentially release dangerous substances such as Bisphenol A (BPA) —a common chemical found in plastic— into your liquid. It’s best to avoid consuming anything in plastic that has been sitting in your vehicle for a while.


Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices are not produced to deal with severe temperatures. All electronics have operating temperature ranges that are designed for safe usage. When electronics are left in hot vehicles for hours at a time, they are likely to become heat damaged where batteries can overheat, expand, or burst. Plastic components of electronic devices could melt and create a huge mess to clean up. 


Many medications are meant to be stored in non-extreme temperatures. You shouldn’t keep medicines in your car, whether it’s hot or cold, as either condition can affect the drug. If medicines are left outside of the temperature instructed, the medication can be altered and compromised.


Lighters are made of flammable material that will expand and possibly burst, creating a fire hazard if left in intense heat. Although temperatures would have to be extreme for a lighter to burst, it is best to remove this item as it is possible to happen during the summer.


Whether it’s perishable food, pet food, or canned food, food items should not be consumed if left in a vehicle for 1-2 hours, depending on the temperature of your car. Not only can food items damage your interior, but it is risky to consume as bacteria can form and cause illness. 

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol cans such as hairspray, deodorant, and spray paint have warning labels alerting purchasers to avoid placing cans in temperatures above 120 degrees. When aerosol cans are stored in conditions above 120 degrees, pressure will increase, which could cause the can to burst, damage your car, harm what’s near, and even release chemicals into the air.

Whether you park indoors or outside, play it safe by keeping these items out of your car. And, for all those fast food wrappers and Cheerios under seats, stop by Caliber. We have plenty of trash cans and vacuums to prevent food aromas from heating up and scenting your vehicle. And, of course, don’t forget all those free air fresheners too!

We hope to see you soon!

This Army Veteran and Caliber Customer Has a Passion for Cars

At six years old, Antoine Patterson received his first hot wheels. Antoine says it was that small gesture as a young boy that ignited a life-long passion for cars. Since that day, his passion has only grown. Today, not only is Antoine a car enthusiast – he’s also a veteran and important part of our Caliber community.

For more than 20 years, Antoine served his country as an Army flight medic, a position that requires incredible strength, skill, and determination. Every year, when Independence Day rolls around, he thinks back on the time he spent serving his country. As a veteran, there are a few moments in his life he’s most proud of.

“I am a retired Army flight medic after 20 years, two weeks, and two days, but who’s counting? One thing I am most proud of that I rarely talk about is when I received the Army Combat Medic Badge for treating casualties under fire in a combat environment. The award has been around since the Vietnam War but was never awarded to flight medics,” he said.

As an army veteran born to a military family, he followed his father’s lead. Antoine’s father spent also spent over 20 years serving his country but in the Air Force. Growing up, Antoine traveled the world with his family, living in many new cities and military bases. When his time serving was finished, he finally decided to retire to Phenix City- where he is a man of many talents and hobbies.

Throughout his years serving his country, Antoine never forgot about his passion for cars. But in the early ‘90s, he developed a new passion – videography and photography – and decided to combine them. Those two talents led to the creation of Eye Candy Visual Arts- where Antoine creates and edits all of his own video and photo content and is a published photographer. Much of his content focuses on cars, where he tells stories through his own lens of creative automobile shots, music, and much more.

And of course, Antoine tells us Caliber is part of his daily routine, as he takes pride in keeping his Charger spotless at all times.

“I was excited when Caliber Car Wash came to town since the other washes in the area prompted me to buy a pressure washer to keep my Charger clean at home. It has been over a year, and I have since got my other two vehicles on the Limitless wash plan. The ceramic coating is a giant plus to why I keep me and my family coming back daily,” said he said.

As a dedicated Caliber community member and army veteran, we want to thank Antoine for his service on this Independence Day. To say thank you year-round, we offer a special military discount for all retired and active-duty military at Caliber Car Wash. If you are interested in more of Antoine’s content, you can check out his Instagram or YouTube page.

Caliber In Ocala Breaks Industry Stereotypes

Over a year ago, Shanti Green started her career with Caliber Car Wash as a tunnel attendant. She loved working with customers and had a passion for clean cars, but Shanti wanted more. She wanted to be a leader. Today, Shanti manages our flagship Ocala location, which helps thousands of cars daily and manages a team of more than a dozen employees.

Over the years, the car wash industry has been stereotyped as a male-centric career path. Still, according to the Women in Car Wash organization, about twenty percent of leaders today are women. As the industry continues to expand, opportunities are increasing for all those looking for a long-term career in the wash world. As a result, women are quickly coming to the forefront as major leaders in the industry, and Caliber is one of the companies helping lead the way. Of the twelve Caliber locations currently in operation, over 80% of Caliber sites have female leadership on staff. Ocala, the company’s flagship store, continues to lead this trend.

“I love coming to work because it feels like a family,” Shanti said. “It doesn’t matter where you came from; we come together to help customers and clean cars. That’s what makes this industry great.”

Shanti, who continues to break site goals in Ocala, is supported by teammate Abby who was promoted to assistant manager early this year.

“I understand the value of having a strong team around you, and we’re here to lift our team up and show that both women and men belong car wash industry,” said Abby. “Our team has worked together well, and that’s shown in the major success of our Ocala location.”


Ocala’s leadership has propelled the company locally and provided a path for expansion in the region, including the recently announced wash coming to Maricamp Road in Ocala next year. Caliber also has plans to expand in Citrus County and throughout the Central Florida region.

“Having strong teams who are willing to care for customers and the tunnel are vital to providing the highest quality wash,” said Caliber District Manager Mitchell Goodman, who also works in the region. He also points to the success and increase in customer compliments Caliber’s Ocala wash has seen to its current leadership.

“Shanti, Abby, and the team have brought a unique experience to Ocala,” Goodman said. “They’ve created career paths and opportunities for employees that we hope are reflected in the everyday interactions customers have when they visit the site.”

If you’d like to join the Ocala team feel free to apply online as we’re always looking to grow our family. Just fill out the application and select “Ocala.” We hope to meet you soon.

Caliber Car Wash Announces Major East Coast Expansion Plans

Leading-edge car wash to open over a dozen new locations through 2022

ATLANTA, GA – Caliber Car Wash today announced its growing expansion plan that includes over a dozen new locations throughout the Southeast and its first dive into providing the Northeast quality showroom shine.

“Whether you’re in Florida or Pennsylvania, your vehicle needs a quality clean to prevent bug splat damage and other weather-related issues,” said Caliber spokesperson Mac McCall. “That’s one reason why we’re looking forward to expanding our footprint so we can provide great service and free detailing tools nationwide.”

With more than a dozen washes currently open in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina, the rapidly-growing company’s plans include more than 24 washes completed and in operation on the East Coast by the end of 2022.


Caliber Car Wash will further expand throughout central Florida with future locations in Sanford, Florida and Orlando on Narcoosee Road Corridor. Other locations include sites in Lecanto and Sebastion, Florida. The company also recently announced the development of a wash in Ocala, Florida, in Silver Springs Shores.

“Central Florida has played a vital role in shaping the company’s community presence and houses our first wash,” said McCall. “We look forward to growing our relationships in the area and providing more of our neighbors a better car wash experience.”


Caliber will follow up its southeast expansion with a location in Granite Falls, North Carolina, and Douglasville, Georgia. These additions are the next in the company’s ongoing growth throughout both states, with more washes currently in the works. Both sites are currently in development and will open late next year.


The rapidly-growing company also plans to have at least six locations in the Northeast completed by the end of 2022, including three facilities in Scranton, Pennsylvania and three in the greater Philadelphia area.

“We’ve established strong standards by constantly adding more value to our customers’ lives,” said McCall. “Our teams are dedicated to serving our customers by providing the highest-quality wash with the most innovative technology and great customer service, which is why we’re proud to grow our presence in new parts of the country.”

Like all of Caliber’s washes, these locations will provide complimentary detailing tools and amenities, including individualized booms, air fresheners at every station, and innovative ceramic coating with no upcharge. Each of the wash locations will employ approximately 15 team members year-round.

Caliber opened its first wash in Ocala, Florida, in 2019 and quickly became a customer favorite thanks to its free detailing tools, Limitless wash packages, and military discounts. In 2020, the company opened new facilities in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.

These developments are expected to move quickly. For more information on official opening dates and news, motorists can visit

Local Car Clubs Come Together to Benefit Community Organization

From classic and antique cars, to those custom rides, the Emerald Coast Headturners have it all.

As a part of Caliber’s community outreach, our team is excited to sponsor the upcoming “Cruisin’ the Beach” Car Show, hosted at the De’france Indoor Flea Market in conjunction with the Emerald Coast Headturners and StreetPredatorzFWB.

Periodically, the Emerald Coast Headturners hosts car shows that benefits a local organization and brings together community members for a weekend of classic, custom, and antique cars. This month, the event will be held in Fort Walton Beach on Saturday, May 22 from 9AM-2PM. The event will include raffles and trophies for over 18 different categories, including some free car washes at Caliber. Steve Coates, Vice President of the Emerald Coast Headturners, says the group is thrilled to bring together the local car community and work with the fellow car group StreetPredatorzFWB.

“We are excited to bring the two organizations together for the first time locally. We are hoping to turn this into an annual event and only grow the message for the cause. We are expecting approximately 150 cars from all makes and models from classic to new age,” said Coates.

The Emerald Coast Headturners are proud to be a community organization that prides themselves on local outreach. The proceeds from this car show will go to a local charity organization called Sleep Heavenly Peace. This organization helps build beds for kids whose parents can’t afford them, giving the children a chance to have a warm place to sleep so they can focus on school and other activities in their life. If you want to sign up, you can buy early registration tickets here for $25.

As a newer car club, the Emerald Coast Headturners are hopeful to continue to host community events to bring all car-lovers together. The Headturners organization was founded 10 years ago, and it was built around the Fast and Furious motto of “family.” The organization is actually a worldwide club with chapters all over the United States, a few in Germany, and potentially a future one in Japan. As a military member of the US Air Force, Coates has been part of the organization for many years.

“As military members of the US Air Force, we move a lot based on mission requirements. I was stationed in the Washington DC area from 2016 to 2019 and during this time, I became a member of the District [Headturners] Chapter and eventually helped to start up the Maryland Chapter,” said Coates.

When Coates moved back to the Panhandle, he wanted to continue to grow the Headturners brand and showcase his love of cars. That’s when he decided to start the Emerald Coast Chapter, just a few years ago, and the group grew tremendously within a few months. Because of their location in the Panhandle, many of their members are part of the military or dependents/spouses of military members. Coates says it’s extremely important for their chapter to get rid of the negative connotation surrounding car clubs and showcase their family values.

“We want to be the most noticeable vehicles around town in a positive way,” said Coates.

Other members say they don’t know where they would be without the organization.

“Headturners (HT) was one of the best things that’s happened to me. I’ve made more friends, who have quickly became family. I’ve gotten closer to two of my friends who have recently joined the group as well as found other car enthusiast that share the same passion,” said Headturners member Joseph. “HT isn’t just a name, it’s a family. I couldn’t thank these guys enough for all the smiles and memories they’ve helped me gain.”

The Car club has been part of other community events, including the Christmas parade for the Air Force Enlisted Village. Coates says it was a huge success, as many of those residents had not left their home since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The smiles we provided were priceless, in my opinion and the feedback we received was outstanding. We have been asked to come back for the Memorial Day Parade and the Christmas parade again,” said Coates.

With a growing organization, the Emerald Coast Headturners say they are excited for future growth and opportunities to bring the local car community together. And the club’s members reiterate that family values are a core principal for the organization to create that local unity.

“HeadTurners isn’t just a car club, we are a family. As a club we all look out for each other, build each other up and help one another grow. We all share a common passion, a bond, that can’t be broken,” said member Nathan.

If you are interested in joining, you can search your local area for chapters near you on Instagram. If there isn’t a chapter, you can check out their Facebook page here.

Photo Courtesy of Emerald Coast Headturners
Photo Courtesy of Emerald Coast Headturners

What You Need to Know About Pollen Season and Your Car

Here’s Your Pollen Season Car Care Do’s and Don’ts!

Spring has arrived – and although the start of warmer weather means flowers and blooming trees, it also means an overload of pollen is in the air. From constant sneezing and sniffling to that nasty yellow film on your car, pollen season can be a headache. We have everything you need to know about proper car care during the spring.

What is pollen season and when does it start/end?

Pollen is a powdery substance produced by trees, flowers, grasses, and weeds to fertilize plants of the same species. Different plants can produce pollen at different times of the year. Typically, tree pollen pops up in early to mid-March. While grass pollen, weed pollen, and ragweed pollen can start later into the spring and last into the late summer months or early fall.

What does this mean for my car?

Although the spring means leaving behind the cold weather, it brings a whole new problem into sight: problematic pollen. By itself, the pollen doesn’t pose much of a problem. However, left untreated, it’s acidity can actually corrode the body of your car and cause damage to the paint. There are several precautions you can take during pollen season to ensure your car stays clean, protected, and maintains its value.

DO wash your car more often

Wash your car every other day. It’s recommended to get pollen off your car as soon as possible, not just when you start to see a yellow build-up on the outside. The longer you leave pollen on your car, the more damage it can do and the harder it will be to get completely off.

DON’T forget about your interior

Pollen can also make its way into your interior. By using our vacuums or detailing air, you can make sure your seats, dashboard and other areas are pollen free. You’ll also want to check your cabin air filter. Build-up of large amounts of pollen can cause a clog, meaning your car will be circulating allergy-causing air.

DO add extra layers of protection

Wax and ceramic coating are two components of Caliber’s top wash that add extra protection for your exterior. Our Caliber ceramic coating creates a protective layer on top of a car’s paint, so it can help prevent harmful elements, including pollen, from damaging your paint job. For additional safeguarding, make sure to run your car through the wash before pollen season to prepare.

DON’T let rain wash off the pollen

After a spring shower, you may notice that the yellow film on your car has vanished! Unfortunately, that isn’t enough. Just because it rains, and your car looks clean, doesn’t mean the pollen is completely gone. Pollen’s acidity is commonly activated by water, which means it can actually cause more damage to let rain wash your car. To get rid of all the pollen particles eating away at your paint, make sure to wash your car thoroughly with soap.

If you have any questions about how Caliber’s top wash protects your car during pollen season, stop by your nearest location today and speak with one of our employees – they’re always happy to help!


Caliber Car Wash Celebrates Wilmington Opening with Free Washes

Innovative Car Wash Opens Ahead of Pollen Season

WILMINGTON, NC – Caliber Car Wash is getting ahead of pollen season by giving away free washes to celebrate its newest Wilmington location from Saturday, March 20 through Monday, March 22, 2021.

“Pollen season is about to be in full swing, so we’re making sure the Wilmington community has the chance to experience our top-notch service and innovation in preparation for the spring,” said Caliber spokesman Mac McCall.

Neighbors and customers wanting to get ready for pollen season can try Caliber for free during the location’s regular operating hours throughout the celebration by signing up online at

The Wilmington wash officially opens for business on Saturday, March 20, 2021, and is Caliber’s second wash in North Carolina.

“The Wilmington area has been Caliber’s home for almost two years, and we look forward to growing our Caliber family here in the community,” said McCall, who noted the vital role the area played in the development of one of the organization’s first washes in Hampstead.

The new location, which will employ 14-18 people year-round, is located at 7032 Market Street and offers single wash options and Limitless membership packages that allow customers to wash their vehicles all month long for one low price. Caliber also provides complimentary vacuums, air fresheners, cleaners and detailing air with every wash.

 “We appreciated the warm welcome Hampstead offered at our Dan Owen Drive location and look forward to serving more of our neighbors,” McCall said. “We hope this expansion will also benefit our Limitless members who will be able to use both washes with their Caliber memberships.”

“Giving back to the community is at the core of Caliber. We look forward to building more relationships with our neighbors and continuing to support the growth of the community,” said McCall.

After opening its first wash in Ocala, Florida in 2019, and its second wash in Hampstead later that year, Caliber quickly grew, opening seven more locations throughout the Southeast over the past year. The express wash plans to expand further, with more locations opening in Georgia and Florida in 2021.

Caliber Car Wash Offering Free Washes for the Chamblee Community

Innovative Car Wash Celebrating Opening of new Atlanta Location

ATLANTA, GA – Caliber Car Wash is pleased to celebrate its Chamblee opening by giving away free washes to community members and neighbors on Saturday, March 6 through Tuesday, March 9, 2021.

“As a new community member, we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring innovation and top-notch service to the Chamblee area,” said Caliber spokesperson Mac McCall.

Neighbors and customers wanting to visit the wash can try it out for free during the location’s regular operating hours throughout the celebration.

The Chamblee wash officially opens for business on Saturday, March 6, 2021 and is Caliber’s second wash in the Atlanta metro area. Future washes are also planned in Smyrna and Douglasville, Georgia.

The new location, which will employ 14-18 people year-round, is located at 2764 Chamblee Tucker Road and offers single wash options and Limitless membership packages that allow customers to wash their vehicles all month long for one low price. Caliber also provides complimentary vacuums, air fresheners, cleaners and detailing air with every wash.

 “We appreciated the warm welcome Mableton offered us at our Floyd Road location, and look forward to serving more of our neighbors in Chamblee,” McCall said. “We’re also honored to have an opportunity to grow and continue to hire new people amid the world’s current circumstances. Our employees are at the heart of our business and we look forward to our neighbors meeting the new team.”

Caliber Car Wash frequently supports Atlanta area community organizations and is also member of the Chamblee Chamber of Commerce.

“Giving back to the community is at the core of Caliber. We look forward to building more relationships with our neighbors and continuing to support the growth of the community,” said McCall.

After opening a first wash in Ocala, Florida in 2019, Caliber quickly grew, opening six more locations throughout the Southeast over the past year. The express wash plans to expand further with more locations opening in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida in early 2021.

The Lovebugs Are Coming!

It’s lovebug season once again- and you know what that means.

Twice a year, these small flies swarm the southeast’s humid climate and bring with them a bug-coated mess of a car. Not only do lovebugs leave behind a nasty film, but they can also be harmful to your vehicle’s overall health. We have everything you need to know about lovebug season and how to make it through with your car in pristine condition.

What are lovebugs?

If you’re wondering what lovebugs actually are, their name says it all. Lovebugs are small black flies that are usually paired with a mate. According to the University of Florida, they swarm about twice a year: once in spring and once in the fall, with peak lovebug season hitting in May and September. You probably notice them most when you are outside in the heat or see them build up on the outside of your vehicle.

Why are lovebugs a hazard?

Lovebug season is a big deal for several reasons. Although they don’t bite or sting, lovebugs can seriously decrease your visibility while driving. These bugs are known to swarm near roadsides, which can leave you with a bug-coated windshield or exterior. This becomes dangerous when the buildup is so thick, your vision is impaired, and you can’t see the road.

Pesky lovebugs can also cause damage to the paint of your car. It’s critical to wash them off as soon as possible. Leaving them on for hours out in the sun can cause a reaction between the outside heat and their body chemistry. The reaction causes their remnants to become acidic, which can corrode the finish on your vehicle. The best practice is to wash them off within a few days. The longer they stay on, the harder they are to wash off.

In extreme cases, lovebug residue can get so bad that it damages your car’s engine. If their remains aren’t washed off completely, it can cause buildup in your car’s grill, blocking airflow and causing it to overheat. It’s essential to take precautions during lovebug season so you don’t find yourself having to fork over hundreds for car repair.

How do I wash off lovebugs?

Don’t worry- Caliber Car Wash has you covered! It can seem like a headache, but we’re here to help make the experience quick and easy. First, most of our locations offer bug pre-soak stations for your convenience. These stations will be in an easily accessible area located right before you head into the tunnel. Although our tunnel should remove most bugs and grime, the bug prep stations can help the deeper, built-up grime to wash away. These stations contain soap, clean water, and gentle brushes that will not scratch your exterior. Just a few scrubs before you head in, and you’re good to go!

Why go Limitless?

When it comes to lovebug season, it can seem like it never ends! Experts recommend washing lovebugs off after at least a few days- and that can become frequent. Especially if you live in the southeast, we recommend getting a Limitless membership. You can use it at any location and go as many times as you need in a month. Not only will you save money, you’ll save time and most importantly safeguard your vehicle from further damage.

While we can’t get rid of lovebugs completely, we can make sure they stay off your car. If you have any questions about our bug prep station locations or how to use them, feel free to stop by your local Caliber, and our employees are always happy to help.