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Campbell High Spartans are Ready to Crush the Competition with the Help of Caliber

At Caliber Car Wash, we focus on more than just cars. We focus on people and local communities. We sponsor over a dozen local schools across the Southeast and hope to continue contributing to the future of our students. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to support the Campbell High School Spartans for their upcoming 2021 football season! As a sponsor, our donations help provide travel support, equipment, meals, and more for the team.

“Investing in our local schools, students, and families is a priority at Caliber Smyrna. We want our community to be the best it can be. Seeing students and parents sporting their Spartan blue puts a huge smile on my face, as I know our Caliber support can help make a difference in their futures,” said Caliber Manager Josh Johnson.

With a big win under their belt against the East Paulding Raiders, the Spartans are already hitting the ground running this fall. High school football is a pillar of the Cobb County community, and Friday nights are a highlight for students, teachers, and neighbors alike.

Caliber was built on clean cars through innovation, great people, and superior service at our core. Our mission is to continue to invest in great people, including those in our surrounding areas, to help build and support communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Caliber sponsorships and fundraisers, send us an email at info @ calibercarwash or reach out on social media – we’re always excited to support our local community!

Fort Walton Football Player Loves to Hear From Fans and Customers

It’s once again time for the Big Green Indians to hit the field! As a proud supporter of our local schools, Caliber is excited to be a Warrior Sponsor for the Choctawhatchee High School 2021 football season. Caliber employee Jaden, who you can catch working the tunnel in Fort Walton Beach, is also part of the Choctawhatchee High School Football team. Jaden says be prepared for big things to come this year.

“Community runs deep on Friday nights in Fort Walton Beach. We have a new coach this year and we’re coming off a big Friday night win, so we’re excited to keep working hard and putting in the time to be successful. When we have the community’s support, it makes our hard work worth it. There’s nothing better than hearing our fans screaming in the stands,” said Jaden.

Caliber believes that when local schools and businesses partner together, it helps sustain a healthy and growing sense of local community, while also setting up our students for future success.

“I’m grateful for the support of our local businesses in Fort Walton, but especially to Caliber. As a high school student and football player, I’m proud to be part of a company that supports me both at work and on the field.” said Jaden.

Caliber is excited to be able to partner with our local schools, and wishes the best to the Indians for their 2021 season. If you are interested in learning more about Caliber sponsorships and fundraisers, send us an email at info @ calibercarwash or reach out on social media – we’re always excited to support our local community!

Cheering for the Lake Wales High School Highlanders This Season

With a blowout victory already under their belt for the 2021 season, the Lake Wales Highlanders are gearing up for a huge season – and Caliber is thrilled to cheer them on as a proud sponsor!

The black and orange had a big start with a 26-0 win against Winter Haven. Caliber employee and Highlander player TJ Pierstorff says the community is in for an exciting year of Friday night lights.

“Our team has been working non-stop this summer to make sure we’re in the best shape possible both mentally and physically. We want to keep our momentum up going into our next few games – and it really makes a difference when we have fans cheering us on in the stadiums and local businesses supporting us. Football is extremely important to this community, and it means they world when they show up for us.”

As both a high school student football player and Caliber employee, TJ finds many similarities between working at the wash and playing on the field.

“I’ve always been taught that teamwork is the key to success, both on and off the field. At Caliber, our team highly values working together. Management fosters a supportive environment for our team, which allows us to grow and celebrate our successes together. It’s the same on the football field- we are stronger together than we are apart. When one of us wins, we all win- and that’s the mentality that’s so important in these team environments,” said TJ.

It’s that team mentality that TJ has been taught since a young age – he started playing when he was 11 years old in 6th grade. TJ has played several different positions in his career, including defensive end, defensive tackle, offensive tackle, nose guard, and center. He says football means the world to him, as his father won two state championships as a coach and also played in high school.

“The Lake Wales program has definitely changed my life. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play with some of my best friends. And there were also a few of the older, more experienced players who would always be there for me when I needed it, and those bonds translate on the field,” said TJ.

Caliber is honored to support our Highlanders as a 2021 Banner Level sponsor. If you are interested in learning more about their upcoming season or would like to see a schedule, you can check it out here.

If you are interested in learning more about Caliber sponsorships and fundraisers, send us an email at info @ calibercarwash or reach out on social media – we’re always excited to support our local community!

This Sports Enthusiast Is Ready to Show Smyrna How to Shine

Meet Josh, our Atlanta Braves fanatic, who is ready to show you the superior customer service and shine Caliber has to offer!

Josh joined the Caliber family in 2021 as manager of the new Smyrna location. The Georgia native has a passion for community, and is most looking forward to getting Caliber involved in local events and organizations, as well as meeting his new neighbors.

I love Smyrna and I love the community aspect that they have. They have a lot of community events that I’m excited to get Caliber involved in. Knowing Caliber, we love the community, and the community loves us back!” said Josh.

Growing up, Josh says he was taught the importance of hard work and dedication, and he’s now excited to build a Caliber team on those same foundations. He says he’s also proud to have opportunity for growth within a company that values people.

“My dad is a veteran and I grew up in a military family. We pride ourselves on hard work and achieving every goal we set out to do. That was one of the main attractions about Caliber- we offer military discounts. I love a company that prides themselves on taking care of veterans of all branches,” said Josh.

During his free time, you might find Josh spending time with the friends and family or enjoying the local community. You definitely won’t see Josh passing on a Braves game- he’s an Atlanta sports enthusiast to the core!

“I’m an avid Atlanta fan, and I go to a lot of Braves games! When my teams do well, I feel great.”

At Caliber, Josh is an avid believer that teamwork is vital to the success of every location and is ready to foster a positive environment for his entire team.

“It starts with the employees. We do a great job of taking care of our employees and that translates to our customers. That’s a huge plus of my day – I love being able to interact with customers and showing them a high quality, high Caliber wash,” said Josh.

Come by and meet Josh today at our Smyrna location – and don’t forget to ask him about our Limitless membership options!

Three Cheers for the Forest High School Wildcats in Ocala

Caliber is excited to sponsor the 2021-2022 Forest High School Football and Cheerleading team! We’re a proud supporter of our local community schools and look forward to what this season has to bring for the Ocala area.

As the birthplace of Caliber’s owners and home to our flagship wash, Ocala holds a special place in the history and journey of Caliber. We are thrilled to be able to support a program that brings our community together while also enriching the lives of our future athletes and leaders. With several Forest alumni currently on staff at Ocala, we’re proud to back the talented Wildcats in their upcoming season.

“The Wildcats Football and Cheerleading programs helped shape me into the person I am today. As a former football player, the strong leadership skills and work ethic I learned through being on the team has given me the chance to be successful in all areas of life. I’m proud to say I’m a Wildcat alumnus and can’t wait to see what this season has to offer!” said Caliber employee Johnny.

With the season kicking off mid-August, the Wildcats are in for an exciting season on the field competing with surrounding schools- all to bring them to the top. If you want to check out a game, you can find their schedule here.

Will Your Car Fit In Car Wash Tunnels?

Car wash tunnels come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few tips to keep in mind before you enter an express wash.

Before deciding on which wash is right for your vehicle, be sure to check out whether or not it will fit in the tunnel.

While each car wash has its own dimensions, many tunnels have similar dimensions. For example, Caliber Car Wash tunnels have a 7’2” clearance and will fit most standard-sized vehicles and tires.

Most washes are able to cater to factory-standard vehicles, however, add-ons or after-market features may prevent your vehicle from entering tunnels as they are more likely to widen vehicles or create surfaces that can get tangled in the wash.

If you’re able to enter a wash with these after-market add-ons, please note that washes may have to retract brushes to prevent damage to your add-ons. Your vehicle will still get all that great shine, but you may notice spots around your add-on aren’t wiped down as much.

This principle also applies to truck hitches. No car wash wants your car to get stuck in brushes. It can cause damage to your vehicle or the vehicle behind you. That’s why car washes will retract brushes if you have a hitch.

If your truck, jeep, or other vehicle has bike racks or wheelchair racks, please consider removing them before entering an express tunnel wash. These are at risk of damaging equipment, cars, and your racks.

And for all you truck lovers, make sure anything in your truck bed is permanently attached before entering any car wash. Items that aren’t firmly attached may fly out causing damage to your truck or another vehicle in the tunnel.  Common items that are known to fly out are tools, brooms, hay bails, hooked straps, and other items left in the back of trucks. These items will make it through the wash, but face their biggest challenge at the blowers where any remaining water and truck bed items are known to blow away.

Will My Tire Fit In Car Wash Tunnels?

All stock vehicle tires will fit in car wash tunnels, including 35s. Caliber’s tunnels can also fit most 37s if there are no spacers on the vehicle. Please note that if you have spacers, your vehicle will not fit in standard car washes.

How Can I Check If My Vehicle Will Fit In Car Wash Tunnels?

If you are still not sure if your vehicle will fit, we encourage you to stop by your nearest Caliber Car Wash to have our team take a look. We also recommend checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual for any other specifications.

Cheering for the Palatka High School Panthers This Year

At Caliber, we’re committed to serving and supporting our local communities and schools. This year, we’re proud to announce our sponsorship with the Palatka High School football team!

As the 2021-2022 season comes to a start in early August, Caliber will cheer on the Panthers as they go head-to-head with surrounding schools to fight for a championship title. Caliber employee Rhett is a former student at Palatka High and says support from students, community members, and local businesses makes all the difference.

Rhett from Palatka“As a current/former Panther, I have seen first-hand how the community support keeps our teams and activities going. Everyone in the area looks forward to Friday night lights. It’s a time for our members to spend time together and experience comradery over a mutual love of sports and supporting our local schools,” said Rhett.

If you are interested in cheering on the Panthers, you can check out their schedule here.

Caliber is proud to fundraise for and sponsor local schools, community events, and organizations. For more information, visit our fundraising page.

Three Ways to Make Your Car Shine

Maintaining a shiny car doesn’t have to involve a ton of work. From ceramic coatings to tire shine, here are three ways to make your car shine while protecting your auto investment!

Ceramic Coating
Protect your paint and shine with ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is a non-metallic, transparent liquid material that bonds to your car’s clear coat to offer more preservation and protection. The ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from natural components such as acid rain, UV rays, and other environmental elements. This coating also helps to prevent scratches and repel against mud, ice, and road salts.

“Ceramics” can be applied by hand, which will last longer but cost hundreds of dollars more. Another option is to visit express car washes where you can add ceramic coating protection from $5-30 more. Caliber Car Wash customers receive it for free on the top wash.

Dry Entirely
After a car wash, it’s essential to dry your vehicle entirely. Although it seems more convenient to allow your car to air dry, you won’t achieve as much shine as desired. Not only will your vehicle not reach its full shine, but the excess water will create residue leaving behind spots, streaks, and deposits while degrading your paint over time.

To dry your vehicle, be sure you choose a soft micro-fiber towel to prevent small paint scratches. Also, consider using detailing air or air compression guns to dry side mirrors and prevent streaking.

Tire Shine
Go the extra mile to make your tires shine! We recommend washing your tires frequently as tires hold grit, grime, and dust in which you wouldn’t want to risk transfer to your vehicle’s paint. Once your tires are clean and dry, apply tire shine to give your car an overall luxurious look and feel. Tire shine wax is included in every Caliber Wash or can be found in many express wash tunnels.

What’s The Difference Between An Express, Flex, And Full-Service Car Wash?

Are you someone who considers convenience over perfection? Or maybe you need a little personal touch? Here, we’ll compare express, flex, and full-service car washes so you know which is right for you.

What is an Express Car Wash?

In a hurry? Express is the way to go. Express car washes are quick, easy, and automated. This type of wash uses conveyor belt equipment to transport vehicles through wash tunnels. Before entering, customers are greeted by an attendant or an automated machine at the pay station. Customers then select their wash package, enter the tunnel, and exit in less than five minutes. Once the clean is completed, customers have the option to utilize self-serving interior detailing tools such as vacuums, multipurpose cleaner and towels.

Here at Caliber, our tunnel washes average around two minutes. We also provide a ton of detailing freebies to get that perfect interior clean.

What is a Flex Serve Car Wash?

Flex service washes are a combination of express and full service models. Similar to express washes, the customer selects their desired automated wash, and glides through the cleaning tunnel. Instead of detailing your car, trained professionals will do it for you. Once you exit the cleaning tunnel, staff will perform interior detailing and additional requested services instead of the customer. Altogether, this service usually takes 15 minutes or more and requires you to wait in a room or other area as your vehicle is cleaned. This style tends to be more expensive than express washes.

What is a Full Service Car Wash?

Full service car washes are a hands-on labor experience, where staff cleans and details your vehicle from start to finish, regardless of the chosen package. Similar to the detailing portion of the flex serve wash, you’ll park your vehicle in the desired location, and a team will handle the rest. This service typically takes 30 minutes or more to complete, in addition to line wait time. This is the most expensive wash type and generally takes longer. In some cases, you may be able to schedule appointments.

So which wash type is best? We recommend express for speed and convenience and full service for days when you need a really deep clean and have more time and money to spend.

Race Car Driver Brooke Storer Shares What Drives Her On and Off the Track

At a young age, Brooke Storer knew what she wanted to do. Racing was a family tradition, and Brooke was ready to carry that torch.

“I started racing go karts at 7 years old. My dad, uncles and grandfather all raced so I wanted to carry on the tradition,” said Storer.

Photos property of Brooke Storer. All rights reserved.

In 2021, Caliber Car Wash partnered with Brooke to help support the Florida natives racing career. In turn, her support for Caliber has garnered far-reaching impacts as she takes the stage at racetracks across the southeast.

“Caliber Car Wash has been great to partner with, [at] every Caliber location the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. It’s the only car wash I trust to take my vehicles to,” said Brooke.

Brooke’s story is a unique one, and her success has captured the attention of thousands of fans, racers, and other sponsors. After starting racing at the age of seven, Brooke quickly became a well-recognized name in the racing world. At 12-years-old, she picked up six race victories in her first season. Just a few years later, at the young age of 14, Brooke became the youngest female to ever qualify and start a 100 lap Super Model Late Feature.

Brooke Storer
Photos property of Brooke Storer. All rights reserved.

Today, Brooke is a successful racer with multiple championships and feature wins to her name. She’s had the chance to travel across the country doing what she loves, and was even given the chance to join the 2019 NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program. As a young racer, Brooke is proud of the wins she already has under her belt.

“I currently have 5 wheelman wins and every one of those is a big accomplishment with such a stacked field. I have over 150 feature wins,” said Storer.

And Brooke is not ready to stop. Just as our Caliber teams work day and night to make the best possible experience for our customers, Brooke spends her days training, working and always getting ready to win that next big race. As for what keeps her going, Brooke says it’s simple.

“My family, partners and fans are my biggest motivation. They give me the opportunity to do what I’ve loved since day one.”

Brooke has always kept her family close to her heart, and credits her dad as one of the major influences in her life. Even when she’s not working, you can find Brooke hanging out with her dad in the shop, working on her race car.

“He has stuck by my side through every step of my career. From karting, pro trucks, super late models, pro late models, late model stocks and late model sportsman cars,” said Brooke.

Brooke Storer
Photos property of Brooke Storer. All rights reserved.

It’s that support that Brooke says is so vital in the racing world. As a young woman in a typically male-dominated career, she says it’s all about who you surround yourself with. Brooke wants young women everywhere to know that anything is possible, and has some advice for those that are looking to get started in a racing career.

“Young women need to have a very strong support system around them every step of the way. As well as confidence. Confidence is key in this industry,” she says.

Like Brooke, Caliber Car Wash is also striving to break stereotypes with female leadership exceeding industry standards. Caliber has more than double the amount of female leaders than the industry average and we’re proud to support drivers that have similar values. Caliber’s commitment to diversity drives quality washes just as Brooke’s confidence shows on the racetrack.

Brooke’s talent and support system have continued to catapult her racing career leaps and bounds as she heads into her future. When she’s not on the track, you can find Brooke hanging out with her dog, Nikita. She also enjoys working with her partners and sponsors.

As a partner with Brooke, Caliber is proud to support her as she takes the next steps in her racing career. If you’re interested in learning more about Brooke Storer, you can check out her website, Facebook or Instagram. And stay tuned to both Brooke’s and Caliber’s social accounts for a variety of giveaways and free washes.