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One of the fastest-growing car washes; dedicated to providing the highest caliber wash

Caliber is one of the fastest-growing express car wash businesses in the country, providing customers with fast and friendly car wash services at a great value. By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced water reclamation systems, Caliber delivers environmentally friendly car washes without sacrificing quality. The company expects continued rapid growth over the coming years due to the growing demand for showroom shine.

Caliber currently operates over 50 washes in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.

Caliber Earth Day 2022

Caliber grew out of the idea that customers deserved a better car wash experience after the company’s founders noticed that customer service was missing from the car wash experience. They wanted to change that, and Caliber was created.

With a dedication to quick, quality washes with a smile, the company was founded with the purpose to improve the lives of others. Caliber does this by always improving, progressing, and providing great customer experience. That’s the Caliber difference – and that’s what leads the company’s values and culture.

Caliber Car Wash opened its first wash in Ocala, Florida, and has since expanded throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas. Caliber is one of the fastest-growing express car wash businesses in the country and is currently one of the top 35 largest car wash companies in the United States.

Supported by its mission to offer customers the highest Caliber clean at a great value with friendly customer service, EVERY DAY, Caliber’s growth has been quick due to the success putting customers first and working as a team to do so.

The Caliber Difference

Caliber exists to improve people’s lives – and we’re always happy to help!

Team Members

Caliber is committed to training and supporting team members throughout the company, with a focus on site-level employees. We believe in providing training opportunities to improve our teams’ lives through career advancement and development. We believe our team members are leaders and want to help them grow into those leadership positions, both here at Caliber and throughout the community.

Caliber does this by providing clear career tracks and working with employees to prepare them for next steps. Our company is expanding and that provides new and exciting opportunities to grow into new roles.

Over the coming years, Caliber is projected to open over 100 new washes. Each of those washes need leaders, managers, district managers, maintenance crew, and other support systems and positions. Known for promoting within, we continue to focus on ways to grow our team members’ careers.


Caliber strives to provide the highest quality washes with the best customer service in the country. Caliber was one of the first car washes to offer ceramic coating at no additional cost to customers and we continue to look for ways to add to each customer’s experience. That’s one reason why we prioritize stocked boom stations at each vacuum spot. This makes it easy for customers to find all the detailing tools they need. We’re fast, convenient – and we’re always happy to help.


To improve the lives of others, means working with the communities we live and interact with. We do this through sponsorships, events, service, and outreach. Whether it is supporting a local school or assisting with community clean-up efforts, we are committed to supporting our neighbors.


Caliber Car Wash is committed to being a positive environmental partner and utilizes biodegradable cleaners and recycled water. Our Caliber Cares program also supports community cleanup throughout the neighborhoods, parks, and cities we live in.


Water at all locations is filtered, cleaned, and reused. By using a water reclamation system, we are able to only use 30 gallons of water per car wash. The average water used when washing a car at home or in a self-service car wash is over 140 gallons.


Unlike some cleaners you may pick up from the store, all of our cleaners are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This is one way we keep contaminants out of vital waterways throughout our communities.


Caliber is committed to supporting the communities we live and work in. That’s one reason why you’ll see our team members participating in neighborhood and beach clean-ups, as well as other activities to better support the eco-systems we’re a part of.


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