Multi-Car Plans


We know that today’s households have multiple vehicles. That’s one reason why Caliber wants to help you keep them clean. With our easy-to-use multi-car plans, you’re able to get discounts on Limitless washes on your additional vehicles.


Your multi-car discount is tied to the first Limitless plan you set up. As the “primary” car, you will use this account to add vehicles at your discounted rate. To add vehicles to your plan, stop by the lobby with the primary account name or license plate number and the last four digits of your credit card. You’ll then be able to add up to seven discounted plans to your account.

Classic Multi-Car Limitless Plan Discount

Cars 2+ are $2 off every month

Custom Multi-Car Limitless Plan Discount

Cars 2+ are $3 off every month

Caliber Multi-Car Limitless Plan Discount

        Cars 2+ are $5 off every month (our best discount!)

If you have any questions, please stop by your local wash or contact us here. Also, stay tuned for more ways to add vehicles to your plan in the future!

For FAQ, please scroll down.



Thanks for being a Limitless member! You can absolutely update your plan! Please visit your local Caliber, and a teammate will help set up your plan in the lobby. Please bring the card on file, the last four numbers on your credit card, and the license plate numbers that you would like to tie to your account.

Multi-Car plans must be set up in our store lobby. Please visit your local Caliber, and a teammate will be happy to assist you inside our lobby. Please have your primary vehicle’s license plate number or account name and the last four digits of your credit card to add a vehicle.

Please stop by the lobby of your location Caliber and our teammates will assist you.

All of the vehicles tied to your Multi-Car plan will be billed to the same credit card and all cars must be on the same wash package to receive the discount. We are unable to process multiple cards per plan at this time.

The discounted rate applies to cars 2-7 on a Multi-Car plan. The first car on file will be the normal Limitless plan rate.

Multi-Car plans are not valid with other discounts and promotions. If you’re on a Military Plan, please continue to enjoy your discount on each of your vehicles.

Your bill date will remain the same as your first vehicle or primary vehicle’s billing date. If you add another vehicle before your bill date, your plan will be prorated and you will be re-billed on your primary vehicle’s billing date.

For example, if you signed up on February 3 and added a second vehicle on Feb 18, you would be charged for a full month on February 3 and have a prorated rate for Feb 18. Both plans would recharge on March 3.

All wash packages must be the same on the Multi-Car plan, meaning that if you’re first vehicle is on a Caliber plan, all your vehicles will be on a Caliber plan.

All vehicles will appear as one charge on your credit card, rather than individual charges. Because of this, you may see a higher bill if you add a vehicle.

Primary vehicles are set up under regular Caliber pricing with 2+ cars receiving the following monthly discount:

  • Limitless Classic Washes: $2 off every month
  • Limitless Custom Washes: $3 off every month
  • Limitless Caliber Washes: $5 off every month

You’ll be able to access your primary plan as normal, but edits to other vehicles on your plan need to be updated onsite in the lobby. Please stay tuned for more updates and features to come!

If you have any questions, or if we can assist you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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