Ft. Walton Beach – Eglin

162 Eglin Pkwy NE, Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

Welcome to Caliber Car Wash on Eglin in Fort Walton Beach, Florida!

Formerly known as Cinco Express Wash, this unique Caliber location opened in January, 2022 on Eglin Pkwy across from Jersey Mike’s Subs and is reopened June 1, 2022, with tons of Caliber upgrades. It is the second Caliber wash in Fort Walton Beach and is a great option for residents and visitors on the Cinco Bayou side of town.

Before re-opening as Caliber, the team upgraded the site and the tunnel (new vacuums, trash cans, and more coming this summer). By using top of the line cleaners and technology, your car will enjoy even more shine. And like our other washes, it features top-of-the-line equipment and tons of free detailing tools for use after your wash, including free vacuums, air fresheners, mat cleaners, cleaners, and towels.

If you wash your vehicle regularly, sign up for Limitless plan to save time and money. It will help to maintain your vehicle’s condition and add life to your paint job for one low price. In fact, on average, our Limitless customers save over $30 a month! Our plans can be used at all Caliber locations – including our other Fort Walton Beach washes. You’ll also be able to experience our innovative license plate reader, so there’s no need for stickers or cards. Our reader will scan your plate and let you in. It’s as easy and quick as that!

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Rob and his team are excited to welcome you to their site on Eglin Pkwy! Originally from Columbus, GA, Rob studied to be a nurse in his earlier life. After moving to Ft. Walton Beach and beginning to work in the field, Rob discovered that he wanted to change paths and start working in an industry that he was more passionate about and with more room for growth.

Rob was a member at Caliber Car Wash in Ft. Walton Beach on Beal Pkwy and decided to apply because of his passion for cars and customer service. Rob is now the manager of our newest location in FWB and is excited to be a part of an ever-growing industry!

“I love the atmosphere and energy this job provides,” said Rob. “It’s a great feeling when your team can come together and work hard to provide the best service to our customers.”

Outside of work, you can catch Rob at the local Robinson’s Cruse Thru, picking up some tacos or lounging on the beach! We hope you’ll stop by and see him today.

"This place is awesome. Not only a great wash but they also have a lot of complementary items: vacuums, microfiber towels, glass cleaner/multi-purpose cleaner, air freshener, and an air compressor to blow out the hard-to-reach areas. "
- Alex C.
"I traveled 30 miles to try this place. I was highly impressed. The young lady who greeted me upon driving up was very nice and professional. The services offered were top notch. I’ve never seen a car wash offer air freshener, window cleaner, towels and paper towels."
- Lasharie P.
"Great experience. Quick and very cost effective. First place I’ve ever experienced that actually provided interior cleaners and rags without cost. Friendly staff too."
- Tab S.
"Awesome addition to Palatka! I enjoy that they provide monthly pass! "
- David S.
"We had a great experience and will be back. Friendly staff and quick service."
- Katie B.
"Amazing employees. Super friendly. Always clean and supplies ready. Feels like being around family when we come to the car wash!"
- Kathryn B.
"Wonderful services and awesome attendants. Always a wash with a SMILE! "
- Bridgette R.
"AMAZING! Love this car wash!! Worth being a member if you love washing your car often! Vacuum is strong and there is spray provided if you need a wipe down!"
- Alyssa O.
"The best car wash in all of Atlanta! I never seem to be satisfied after going through these express tunnels, but I was blown away by Caliber! COMPLETELY STREAK FREE!!! Staff was very helpful, and I love all the extras they give you! Already purchased the limitless wash package - it's the best deal! "
- Lane S.
"Great automatic car wash. This place gets your car nice and clean. They even provide free vacuums with wash, an air freshener, and towels to dry your car off. I will definitely be back."
- Kashawn P.
"My first visit and WOW...I felt the power of this wash and my car truly needed after the storm. Love the detail station. Wipe down clothes, courtesy air freshers and the VACUUM pulled dirt from places I didn't know I had. Definitely worth It!! "
- Enrika H.
"NEVER had a car wash get my car so wonderfully clean and shiny!! Pre-wash bug tubs and brushes are awesome, and the vacuums really suck the dirt out of carpets. Great place! "
- Ruth G.
"Caliber is amazing!!!! Been to plenty of car washes overtime....they are great!!! Always a pleasure ...staff is very friendly and helpful...always!!!!!"
- Joseph F
"Great place. Onsite service. Good pricing. Car looks brand new! "
- John R.
"The best carwash. Nice long tunnel with tons of stuff scrubbing your car. Even polishes the tires and wheels! Lovvve the unlimited plan. $30 a month and you can go as many times as you want. My kids love it too!"
- Jessie S.
"Really like the people and overall attitude is upbeat and professional. Can't say enough good things! Highly recommend!"
- Adam W.
"I found my new favorite car wash! The staff was helpful, efficient and having the extras after like cleaners, rags and amazing vacuums make buying the monthly plan well worth it!"
- Sherry B.
"Love this place! Monthly unlimited washes for $30. Free vacuum, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner and microfiber towels to use. "
- William C.
"Clean equipment, very friendly and helpful staff. Car came out clean as a whistle. Vacuum area was neat, and well stocked with cleaners and towels. "
- Chris K.
"Great value for the monthly unlimited car washing subscription and free vacuuming! Also, they have cleaners and rags to detail the inside of your vehicle. The staff is very friendly too! "
- Camry D.
"Nice carwash with a friendly staff. If you live near the salt, you should wash your car at least once a week. They have yearly deals with unlimited car washes. "
- Tanner G.
"Oh, my goodness...BEST. CAR WASH. EVER. My vehicle didn't look this good when I bought it new! Staff was friendly, additional cleaning supplies provided, strong-suction-vacuums (DIY), and they offer an unlimited-wash monthly membership option! Happy customer here! "
- Vicki O.
"I was highly impressed at how professional the staff were and as I looked around they all had smiling faces!!! I ended up purchasing the monthly caliber wash and have yet to be disappointed. My car always comes out NICE and CLEAN and SHINY! I highly recommend Caliber Carwash!!!"
- Sara C.
"Best car wash in Pensacola!! Great atmosphere and customer service "
- Cece S.
"I loved the detail I got here!! The staff was friendly and helpful too!! Will definitely be going back!!! "
- Jordyn T.
"The staff was really helpful and my car looks great! I will definitely be coming back! "
- Lindsey G.
"As a sales person on the road quite a bit, I like the convenience of the unlimited car washes for members. Great car wash. "
- Lynn S.
"The staff was really helpful and my car looks great! I will definitely be coming back! "
- Lindsey G.
"After I left this car wash, my car looked like it was brand new off the show room floor! All of the detailing supplies available by the vacuums were great and they made the inside of my car shine! Will definitely be getting the monthly service!! "
- Amber S.
"Always a nice experience. Clean, and always stocked. Great extras. "
- Nicolas L.
"The best automated car wash I've ever used. There are even free vacuums, window cleaning supplies, and an air gun to blow out cracks and crevices. There is also a pre-wash station where you can scrub the front end or rims before entering. The membership is definitely worth the $30/mo. for the best wash package. "
- Jeremy T.
"Caliber car wash is the best car wash I've been to in Ocala. I purchased the $20 wash and it made my tires very shiny. You don't get that a lot at other car washes in Ocala. You guys rock! "
- Troolo99
"I've always had a great Caliber experience! The Caliber Car Wash team provides excellent customer service. Caliber is definitely my favorite car wash destination. "
- Dan S.
"Love this place!! It is effective and efficient!! It has wonderful drive thru wash that gets your car squeaky clean! My preference is the Caliber Wash. I personally recommend it!! "
- Amber M.
"This is an amazing car wash, the staff we’re very professional and really stood out in a great manner. I was astonished with the outcome of my clean car."
- Leaunah
"Awesome car wash! Friendly and honest staff, knowledgeable, State of the art equipment, clean, great packages and affordable."
- Miguelina C.

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