Caliber Car Wash introduces Graphene, our most advanced wash that offers multi-layer nanotechnology for superior protection against UV rays, water beading, and rust. Graphene combined with our Ceramic Coating guarantees unparalleled shine and protection.


Our top Graphene Wash package comes with Graphene, Ceramic Coating, and Tire Shine! Join our Graphene Limitless Monthly Membership to ensure a longer-lasting shine for both your paint and tires.

Detailing Tools

We want your vehicle leaving with its best clean. That’s why we include a ton of detailing freebies with every wash, including vacuums, glass cleaner, towels, multi-purpose cleaner, detailing air, and mat cleaners.


We are committed to protecting the communities we serve. All water used at our washes is filtered, cleaned, and reused. Also, 100% of all our cleaning chemicals are completely biodegradable.
"I've always had a great Caliber experience! The Caliber Car Wash team provides excellent customer service. Caliber is definitely my favorite car wash destination. "
- Dan S.
"Love this place!! It is effective and efficient!! It has wonderful drive thru wash that gets your car squeaky clean! My preference is the Caliber Wash. I personally recommend it!! "
- Amber M.
"This is an amazing car wash, the staff we’re very professional and really stood out in a great manner. I was astonished with the outcome of my clean car."
- Leaunah
"Awesome car wash! Friendly and honest staff, knowledgeable, State of the art equipment, clean, great packages and affordable."
- Miguelina C.

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