4956 Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, 34470
(352) 290-8274

Welcome to Caliber Car Wash in Ocala!

As Caliber Car Wash’s original location, our Ocala location is a special part of the company’s history. Ocala is also the childhood home of the company’s owners, and we’re thrilled to call it our flagship wash.

If you’re stopping by the Ocala location, you’ll notice it’s conveniently located in a shopping center on Silver Springs Boulevard, next to the Wal-Mart. With more than 30  individual boom stations stocked full of detailing freebies, the wash also boasts bug pre-soak prep stations at the entrance before approaching the pay station. Our Ocala location also offers several Limitless memberships options, for those wanting more shine and more savings.

All of our locations are managed and maintained locally, and this one is no different. The team of diverse Caliber employees at our Ocala location is ready to show you exceptional Caliber quality and service. We’ll see you soon!

Cleaning a car at Ocala



Meet the Manager


Terrence is ready to give you some Caliber TLC for your vehicle! Originally from upstate New York, Terrence settled in quickly to the Central Florida lifestyle and is always ready to go above and beyond for his customers. He believes that Caliber is changing the game with innovative technology and amazing career opportunities at every level. He started his car washing career at Caliber’s Lake Wales location and was a local favorite due to his dedication to customer service and quality control. After training a top-tier management staff, his team took over in Lake Wales so Terrence could serve in Ocala.

“[Our] mission is to produce more leaders. Caliber is built on a game-changing foundation that allows endless opportunities for growth. As we strive to make a difference in our communities, we also provide a top tier customer experience. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this company,” he said.

Outside of work, Terrence’s passion is physical fitness – so you can probably find him at the gym. Just like at work, Terrence puts his all into what he does.

He’s excited to meet you and get to know you, so stop by and introduce yourself today!

"After I left this car wash, my car looked like it was brand new off the show room floor! All of the detailing supplies available by the vacuums were great and they made the inside of my car shine! Will definitely be getting the monthly service!! "
- Amber S.
"Always a nice experience. Clean, and always stocked. Great extras. "
- Nicolas L.
"The best automated car wash I've ever used. There are even free vacuums, window cleaning supplies, and an air gun to blow out cracks and crevices. There is also a pre-wash station where you can scrub the front end or rims before entering. The membership is definitely worth the $30/mo. for the best wash package. "
- Jeremy T.
"Caliber car wash is the best car wash I've been to in Ocala. I purchased the $20 wash and it made my tires very shiny. You don't get that a lot at other car washes in Ocala. You guys rock! "
- Troolo99

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