Caliber Wash

Caliber Wash - Ceramic Coating and Tire Shine

Our Caliber Wash offers the best clean with an underbody wash, wheel clean, Caliber wax, Caliber Ceramic Coating, Triple Foam Bath, Rain Guard/Rain-X, and tire shine. Our addition of Ceramic Coating to the Caliber Wash keeps your vehicle protected and shinier for longer. Say “goodbye” to dirt and “hello” to the ultimate shine package. Try a single wash for a quick shine or you can go Limitless to get that clean car feel all month long for one low price.

How do I know if the Caliber Wash is right for me?

Our Caliber Wash is our top wash package available. It uses the latest in car wash technology and the highest quality products for that top-notch shine. If you are looking for a wash that includes everything you need for shine and protection, this is your go-to! Not only does it include everything offered in our Classic Wash and Custom Wash, but it includes an additional Caliber Wax, tire shine, Triple Foam Bath, Rain Guard/Rain-X, and Caliber Ceramic Coating. The combination of these elements will leave your car looking and feeling like it’s right off the showroom floor.

What is Caliber Ceramic Coating?

As one of the first and only regional car washes to add Ceramic Coating onto our top wash at no additional charge, Caliber takes pride in giving our customers a quality experience. Our Ceramic Coating is a non-metallic, liquid material used to coat cars with small molecules that create tight covalent bonds forming a hydrophobic shield to make it resistant to natural elements like acid rain, UV rays and bird droppings. Because ceramic coating creates a protective layer on top of a car’s paint, it can help prevent some scratches and repel mud, bird droppings, rain, ice, UV rays, and other harmful elements that may leave streaks or spots.

Don’t forget, with every Caliber Wash comes access to our specialized detailing freebies for that extra personalized clean!

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Detailing Freebies included in your Caliber Wash

Air Fresheners

Our air fresheners help keep your car smelling nice and fresh! To use these, you can open the package, and either place them under your backseat or fold them and place them in your air vents.

Glass Cleaner

Our glass cleaner is safe for use on glass inside and outside your vehicle. This will help get rid of any smudges or film on your windows and will give you a great streak-free shine.


On every boom station, there are towels and a clean and dirty towel basket for your convenience. These microfiber towels are soft and safe for use inside and outside your vehicle.

Detailing Air

Caliber’s detailing air is a high-pressure air that is great for those hard-to-reach areas that the vacuums can’t reach. This tool is perfect for blowing crumbs or dirt from your air vents or cupholders and can also be used to dry or clean hard mats.


Our vacuums are high pressure vacuums specially designed with a curved head to get those hard-to-reach areas. Our vacuums can be used to pull out any crumbs or debris stuck on your mats, seats, or any other areas inside your vehicle.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Our multi-purpose cleaner is great for any surfaces other than glass that need some extra love. Get rid of those smudges and streaks on the inside on your vehicle, including your dashboard, hard mats, cupholder area, and more.

Mat Cleaners

Caliber’s state-of-the-art mat cleaners are safe and easy-to-use for any carpet mats inside your vehicle. All you have to do is insert your mat into the machine face-down, press start, and your mat will come out looking brand-new! For extra clean, you can run your mat through the machine more than once.

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