Business Fleet Plans

Clean your Fleet the Caliber Way

We know how important first impressions are. A clean, shiny fleet speaks volumes about your organization. At Caliber, we provide an easy program to keep your brand vehicles looking brand new. Our high standards ensure your business is provided with the highest Caliber clean for your entire fleet.

Contact Caliber Fleet Representatives

info @ calibercarwash.com

Every vehicle on your fleet plan is tied to a license plate. Once a fleet vehicle enters the pay station lane, our license plate recognition system will read its license plate and immediately let the vehicle through. Once the gate is open, you’re all set to enter the wash.

Our discounted fleet plan pricing varies according to number of vehicles in the program. Please feel free to contact your Caliber representative for a customized quote.

Ready for your business to show off next-level shine? Fill out the request form below. A Caliber representative will contact you with more information and next steps.

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