FWB Park Cleanup Honors Earth Day

Caliber Earth Day 2022

Caliber Car Wash Team Joins Earth Day Network and Others to Clean Liza Jackson Park

Caliber Car Wash is honored to join Earth Day Network partners and Earth Day Fort Walton Beach to cleanup Liza Jackson Park on April 23, 2022. The event, sponsored and arranged by Earth Day Network focuses on trash clean up and encourages volunteers to also bring watercrafts to collect trash in the water.

“Every year our customers save thousands of gallons of water by choosing not to handwash in their driveways,” said Fort Walton Beach Store Manager Loudy Booker. “It is one way we commit to preserving the environment, but we also know there’s more to be done.”

The environment continues to top headlines as impacts are felt across the globe. COVID-19 positively impacted the environment, according to researchers, but work is still needed.

Being Eco-Friendly and having zero impact on the environment is a top priority at Caliber Car Wash. All water at all locations is filtered, cleaned, and reused. Using a water reclamation system, we are able to only use 30 gallons of water per car wash. The average water used when washing a car at home or in a self-service car wash is over 140 gallons. Because of this, in 2021, Caliber Car Wash saved over 154 million gallons of water versus at-home washing. In addition to our water-saving efforts, 100% of all of our cleaning chemicals are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Caliber is joining cleanup efforts because of its dedication to local communities while providing eco-friendly services to our customers. Team members from its Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola staff will be participating.