How Much Does a Car Wash Cost?

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It is becoming increasingly important to understand the price associated with everyday expenses. Costs of goods and services are rising quickly, and car washes are no different. It is important to understand what you’re paying for and if the asking price is fair for the service and amenities that you’re receiving.

How much does a car wash cost?

Car wash prices vary depending on amenities, location, and other factors. On average, a single automatic car wash costs between $10 – $25. The lower-priced wash is usually a basic wash and includes free vacuums. On the higher end, the customer should be receiving the best wash with waxing, ceramic coating, and tire shine along with a free vacuum. However, at Caliber Car Wash, we think every customer deserves the best wash in their price range, which is one reason why we don’t upcharge for state-of-the-art ceramic coating!

Caliber’s Classic Wash includes an exterior wash, dry, and wheel cleaning. After your car leaves the tunnel, you will be directed to our boom station that includes detailing freebies with all washes, including our Classic package. Each station includes a vacuum, air freshener, multi-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, microfiber towels, and detailing air. You’ll also have access to other amenities, including our free automatic carpet mat cleaner.

Caliber’s Customer Wash includes all previously mentioned amenities plus an underbody wash, paint protectant, and spot-free rinse. The spot-free rinse differs from a standard rinse because the water has been filtered and softened to prevent leaving any residue or harmful contaminant on your vehicle.

The Caliber Wash is our top-tier wash that provides the customer with everything from the previously mentioned washes in addition to a triple foam bath, rain guard, Caliber wax, tire shine, triple shine wax, and ceramic coating. The Caliber Wash ensures that each customer leaves with a stunning shine along a topcoat that protects the paint on your car after you leave the wash!

Another component to keep in mind regarding cost is the membership option that most washes are now offering. The membership pricing is typically the price of about two single washes; this will likely be the best option for customer who are trying to stay cost efficient.