How to Buy a Car Wash

Caliber Car Wash

Caliber Car Wash offers many wash options, and buying them is the easiest part. When you arrive at your local Caliber Car Wash, be sure to pull into the left lane if you aren’t already a Limitless member (and be sure to ask the pay station team member how you can access the Members Only Lane!). Here, you can expect to be greeted by one of our smiling teammates. The team member will explain all three washes that we offer and the differences between each.

Caliber’s Classic wash is just what it sounds like! If you’re looking for a quick and simple clean, this may be the wash for you! Our Classic Wash is your basic wash and dry. Especially if you’re in a hurry, this wash is great for getting in and out in just minutes while looking showroom ready.

Caliber’s Custom wash includes all the previously mentioned items, plus an underbody wash, paint protectant, and a spot-free rinse. This option washes off any dirt, tar, mud, or other accumulated messes that can build up and corrode your underbody if left untouched.

The Caliber wash includes everything mentioned previously, plus a triple foam bath, rain guard, Caliber wax, tire shine, triple shine wax, and complimentary ceramic coating. With this wash, you can say “goodbye” to dirt and “hello” to the ultimate shine package!

Once you have selected which wash is best for you, the pay station team member will take your payment, and you’ll be ready to receive that showroom shine.

Our team is always happy to help, so feel free to stop by today and we’ll guide you to the best wash based on your needs.