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Welcome to the Limitless Wash Club

Thank you for being a Limitless member

You can now clean your car all month long for one low price!

Please see below for FAQs about your plan and to sign up for Limitless emails that alert you to giveaway days and Limitless-only information.

Welcome to Limitless Shine

Thank you for becoming a Limitless member. We’re excited to have you as part of the Caliber community!

Enjoy your Perks!

Next time you’re ready for a wash, pull up to any lane, including our Members Only lane, and our license plate reader will recognize your car. The arm will lift, and you’ll be able to drive right through without any hassle.

Check out our Limitless FAQ below:

Our Limitless plans are tied to your license plate number. This allows our systems to recognize your car and let you pull right in. Because of this, each Limitless plan is assigned to a single vehicle.

The opportunity to have a clean car daily is truly, Limitless! Here’s a few reasons why we think you’ll love a plan:

* Members Only lane for shorter lines and quick entry *

* Plans that work at multiple Caliber locations (check out our new locations here) *

* All the detailing freebies you’re used to with single washes including vacuums and cleaners *

* One low monthly price for Limitless car washes all month long! *

We appreciate our Limitless members and know life happens. That’s why our team works hard to keep our wash open, even on most holidays.

You can use your membership during Caliber’s operating hours – rain or shine! Our washes are open 7 am – 8 pm Monday through Saturday and 8 am – 6 pm on Sunday.

Washes are closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Your month of washes starts on the day you sign up for your Limitless plan. That means that you’ll be charged your monthly rate on the same date the following month. We call this your anniversary date. For example, if you sign up on March 3, your next bill will appear on April 3.

You will continue to be billed until you notify us of any changes.

If you signed up online, visit your Limitless account for receipts. If you signed up at a Caliber Car Wash, feel free to register your account online. You’ll then be able to see your receipts.

Please note that at this time, you are unable to adjust your plan or update your license plate online. To change your plan, please chat with our staff next time you stop by.

Please stop by your local Caliber Car Wash and let the staff know you’d like to change or cancel your plan. They will help you onsite and verify your license plate to ensure your membership status is updated.

We’re sorry to hear you were accidentally charged. Please talk to your local manager to get this remedied. Please note that she/he will need to run the credit card that was charged through our system in order to issue a refund. This is because we don’t store credit card numbers onsite in an effort to better secure your information.

Common reasons for accidental charges include:

  • Changing/updating credit card numbers
  • Not cancelling a plan three days prior to billing dates

We encourage you to check your credit card statements in both of these scenarios to ensure you aren’t accidentally billed.

Also, please note that if you’re suspending or cancelling a plan, you cannot do so online at this time. Please talk to our staff during your next visit so we can ensure that your plan is properly suspended or cancelled.

Buy a new car or change your license plate? No worries! Just stop by your local Caliber Car Wash and provide them with your name and old/new license plate number.

And in case you can’t remember what your old license plate number was, feel free to provide the manager with the last four digits of the credit card tied to the account.

Our Limitless plans charge your credit card every month on your anniversary date (aka the day of the month that you initially signed up on). If your card has expired or if you’d like to change credit card numbers, please stop by the lobby and our manager will take care of you.

Please note that the manager will need to swipe the new credit card or type in the number.  Once the new number has been attached to your account, you will use the last four digits of the updated card to access your account.

Unfortunately, at this time, Caliber only offers the ability to view receipts or sign up for a plan online. Please contact your local Caliber for plan modifications, updates, to suspend, or to cancel.
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