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What’s The Difference Between An Express, Flex, And Full-Service Car Wash?

Express Car Wash

Are you someone who considers convenience over perfection? Or maybe you need a little personal touch? Here, we’ll compare express, flex, and full-service car washes so you know which is right for you.

What is an Express Car Wash?

In a hurry? Express is the way to go. Express car washes are quick, easy, and automated. This type of wash uses conveyor belt equipment to transport vehicles through wash tunnels. Before entering, customers are greeted by an attendant or an automated machine at the pay station. Customers then select their wash package, enter the tunnel, and exit in less than five minutes. Once the clean is completed, customers have the option to utilize self-serving interior detailing tools such as vacuums, multipurpose cleaner and towels.

Here at Caliber, our tunnel washes average around two minutes. We also provide a ton of detailing freebies to get that perfect interior clean.

What is a Flex Serve Car Wash?

Flex service washes are a combination of express and full service models. Similar to express washes, the customer selects their desired automated wash, and glides through the cleaning tunnel. Instead of detailing your car, trained professionals will do it for you. Once you exit the cleaning tunnel, staff will perform interior detailing and additional requested services instead of the customer. Altogether, this service usually takes 15 minutes or more and requires you to wait in a room or other area as your vehicle is cleaned. This style tends to be more expensive than express washes.

What is a Full Service Car Wash?

Full service car washes are a hands-on labor experience, where staff cleans and details your vehicle from start to finish, regardless of the chosen package. Similar to the detailing portion of the flex serve wash, you’ll park your vehicle in the desired location, and a team will handle the rest. This service typically takes 30 minutes or more to complete, in addition to line wait time. This is the most expensive wash type and generally takes longer. In some cases, you may be able to schedule appointments.

So which wash type is best? We recommend express for speed and convenience and full service for days when you need a really deep clean and have more time and money to spend.